On Wednesday November 23rd Rick Storlie of New Home Sales Coach will be interviewing John Wenner of the Real Estate Negotiation Institute on how home builders and remodelers can better negotiate with their buyers.

Last May Rick Storlie happened to receive an email about a 2 day negotiation course. It came at the same time he needed to complete his annual continuing education credits so Storlie signed up for the course.

Looking back over his 20+ year career in new home and remodeling sales he realized that after hundreds of classroom hours in marketing strategies and sales techniques, he had never been formally trained in negotiation.

“I had this light bulb moment and suddenly realized that here we were negotiating multi-thousand dollar deals on a daily basis without any formal negotiation training, ” Storlie commented. “Today’s buyers have a built-in edge. They have market power. They understand the market is tipped in their favor and they use this power when they negotiate with home builders and remodelers.”

In the course Storlie learned there are 3 types of negotiators. Competitive, Collaborative and Compliant.

“Because market power gives buyers a built-in advantage, most of today’s buyers become Competitive negotiators. They propose a win-lose offer. That is, they win and the builder loses,” Storlie said.

Storlie claims a buyer’s market power turns unskilled builder negotiators into Compliant sellers (lose-win).

“If a remodeler or home builder isn’t trained in negotiation they lose thousands of dollars in profit by being compliant to the buyer’s demands. This is a lose-win situation and at its worst, will put companies out of business,” said Storlie. 

According to Storlie the key is to create a Collaborative situation where a win-win negotiation is created. Each side works together to get what they want. 

After the course ended Storlie approached John Wenner of the Real Estate Negotiation Institute and asked him if he would share his negotiation expertise. Wenner agreed and on Wednesday November 23rd Storlie and Wenner will offer a free webinar specifically for home builders and remodelers.

The details for registering are below.

12 Elements to Leveling the Negotiation Playing Field with Today’s New Home and Remodeling Buyers

Wednesday November 23rd 11 PST, 12 MST, 1 CST, 2 PST

Register here https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/933379858

Cost: $0 but limited to 100 attendees

About Rick Storlie: Rick Storlie of New Home Sales Coach has been helping home builders and remodelers reach their sales goals since 1992. Visit NHSalesCoach.com to download Rick’s free e-book “6 Secrets to Maximizing Your Sales in any Market Revealed.” Storlie can be reached at 952-895-5566 or Solutions@NHSalesCoach.com.