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New Home Sales Training

Discover how to…

  • Open the door to new sales.
  • Become a lead generation machine on a shoestring budget.
  • Convert twice as many leads to buyers.
  • Eliminate debt and maximize positive cash flow.
  • Keep your business growing in any economy.

If you are struggling with any of the above, fortunately there is a simpler way to sell more homes!

Hi, I’m Rick Storlie, president and founder of New Home Sales Coach.

Rick Storlie - New Home Sales Training

Yes, there is a better way to maximize new home and remodeling sales in any market and you will find the solutions on this web site!

If you’re like most home builders and remodelers today, you’re struggling to sell your homes/services and manage your cash flow. You may be even struggling to survive.

Doesn’t it seem like you woke up one morning and the business you knew had completely changed? Seven years ago a typical day for you was probably managing customers, trying to find good trades and having enough borrowing power for your next piece of land or expanding your business. Yes, you worked hard and times were stressful but generating profitable sales always seemed to happen.

What’s changed?

Today your average day starts with thoughts of ‘how do I make payroll,’ or ‘will I have to lay off…’ Your banking relationships change daily and why is it that every single buyer seems to be hung up on price?

You’ve turned into the primary salesperson and don’t have a good strategy for dealing with this “new” market- let alone rebuilding your business. How will you find and train new salespeople capable of doing what it takes?

Wouldn’t it be nice to…

  • Sell homes at a profit no matter what the market conditions?
  • Hold on to your best people?
  • Have a plan for growth even in today’s climate?
  • Leverage technology to automate 80% of your marketing, lead generation and new homes sales process?

I’m sure you’re skeptical but you need to know that my clients aren’t any smarter than you are. They’ve simply learned a system to attract and capture more customers, regardless of what the market is doing. Take a minute to explore my new home sales training services to learn how you can dramatically improve your results as a builder. Then, when you’re ready, contact us and we’ll show you how to maximize sales in any market!

As an experienced building professional you know there are 5 essential steps to creating a well built home.

Step 1: Foundation– The foundation of any builders company is a steady stream of new leads.
Step 2: FramingConsistent communication with people interested in your offerings frames the relationship for future sales
Step 3: FinishesYour ability to personalize your design/build sales process is the key to your past success.
Step 4: Closing– Executing the right sales activities at the right time.
Step 5: Variance Analysis– You know how profitable each job was, right down to the dollar. Now it’s time to capitalize on how efficiently your advertising, marketing and sales process is running.
Step 6: Relax and have some fun! It’s time to enjoy life again!

New Home Sales

You have a proven system for building homes but what is your system for marketing and selling them? Sign up for my New Home Sales Training today!

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