How to Remove, ‘What’s Your Price Per Square Foot?’ from Your Prospect’s Vocabulary: Value Creation Strategies for Making More Sales at Higher Margins, Video 1

Hi guys! Hopefully you are enjoying the last days of summer. Today, I am introducing the first video in my second step of the 5 part sales process. It’s all about removing, “What’s your price-per-square-foot?” from your prospect’s vocabulary plus how and where to create value for your leads and prospects.

In the first video series, we looked at lead generation, including perfecting your print marketing campaigns, implementing Realtor Outreach programs and Geographic farming. We also covered ways to increase your online lead generation through the critical parts of your virtual market site and how to perfect them for effective lead generation.

Step 2 of my sales process is all about creating value and shifting your prospect’s focus from the price to your services.

This video exposes:

  • Why clients use price to choose a builder
  • The invisible vs. visible market
  • The 5 parts of the Sales Process
  • Where a Sense of Value is created in the sales process
  • How establishing value early can increase your sales
  • Why C & D prospects are more important than A prospects


Click Here to Download the Slides for Video 1

Watch for the second video next week, where I’ll show you:

  • Why prospects buy and don’t buy
  • Value Creation Activities
  • The See, Tell, Do Value Creating Formula

Keep sharing feedback about the videos. I love reading what you think. Please post your thoughts and comments below.


P.S. If you missed my first video series on lead generation, you can access the videos here.