How to Remove What’s Your Price Per Square Foot: Putting it all together- Video 6

Creating-Value-OverviewHi guys! I hope you have enjoyed the exciting kick off of football season. My beloved MN Vikings were thrashed by the Motor City Kitties so I’m thankful last Sunday was a beautiful day to hit the mountain bike trails!

Today, I am releasing the final video in the Automated Value Creation video series. In it, I show you how to create an easy nurturing program that builds value and trust with your prospects.

This home builder training series is about creating value for your customers to move their focus to the quality of your services instead of your price.

In the first video, I introduced the sales process and pointed out where customer value perception is formed during the cycle.

In the second video, I gave you my “See, Tell, Do” Value Creation Formula and specific ways you can create perceived value  for your potential buyers.

In the third video, I covered the importance of identifying and naming your target market and how to builda buyer’s profile from psychographics and demographics to find it.

In the fourth video, I showed you how to make a great marketing message and the three ways to make it memorable for your prospects.

In the fifth video, I revealed the secret recipe for a perfect positioning statement, using your company story, consumer focus, and your “only’s.”

In the final video of the series, you’ll discover:

  • The online components of the nurturing program, using email in response to web, social media, and blog contacts
  • The on-site components of the nurturing program, including completed projects, model homes, showrooms, and sales presentations
  • The perfect timing for keeping prospects interested in your information without overwhelming them, using daily, weekly, and monthly emails

Click Here to Download the Slides for Video 6

I also show you the key items your nurturing program emails must include to be successful.

Look for my new series of videos coming soon. They will cover the “must have” tech tools every business needs to streamline the sales process!

Happy Selling!


P.S. If you missed my very first video series on offline and online lead generation, click here to view them. They are the first steps to sales success!