IBS 2016 Custom Builder & Remodeler’s Guide to Creating Raving Fans Management Plan

February 11, 2016 by  

Hi All!

I’m excited to present the white paper from the International Builder Show (IBS) and Southern Living Design Summit presentation, The Custom Builder & Remodeler’s Guide to Creating Raving Fans! Beverly and I had a great time presenting ideas other builders are using to create a Raving Fan following. If you missed the show, no problem. Just watch the video below for a quick explanation. You can also download our slides from the program.

After you watch the video and download the guide, make sure you scroll to the bottom of the page to take me up on my donation to your company!

Start here by watching the video below

Ok! After you’ve watched the video click on the image below to download a PDF of the Management Guide. There is a link to download the slides from the program inside the PDF.


What’s Your Big Why?

One of the items I talked about at IBS, in the video and in the Management Guide is shifting your company from transactional to transformational. I’m in the process of doing this with my own company in 2016. In fact, I leave for my first mission trip 11 hours from now as I write this. Many of my clients (current and former) donated to my trip. I’ll be taking lots of pictures and shooting video while I’m there and sharing it with them. My business, now and in the future, will be donating money every time I sell one of my coaching products.

It’s all about running a good business this is tied to an even greater cause. And I want to help you do the same thing. So here’s my offer to you….

I’ll donate an hour of my time to help you answer your “Big Why” question anytime in the month of March 2016. Just send me an email here and I’ll contact you to confirm a time to talk. I’ll provide you with the resources you need to make it happen. Please take me up on this. I’ve been blessed from working in this industry since 1988 and I want to do whatever I can to help builders build a business that is profitable and tied to a greater cause.

Will you take me up on this offer? Hope so.

Talk soon,



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It’s today! Free Webinar Workshop: 5 Secrets to Structuring Successful Builder/Developer/Realtor Relationships

February 26, 2015 by  

Coach Rick here.Secrets-to-Structuring-Partnerships-square2

If you’ve attended my webinars in the past you know I pack them with incredibly relevant tactics and strategies you can use immediately to improve your business.

Today I’m upping the ante….

Not only am I delivering a 23 page “how to” resource guide on how a client of mine grew their business 32% in one year- I’m delivering a webinar workshop where I’ll add even more detail to the resource guide and allow you to ask questions to your heart’s content.

You see I’ve prepared about 30 minutes of content on the 5 Secrets to Structuring Successful Builder/Developer/Realtor Relationships and the rest of the time is for you.

Can you ask questions about your specific business or market? Yes!

Can you type in your questions OR ask them verbally? Yes!

Can you ask follow-up questions to an idea I provided for someone else? Yes!

This is your chance. Don’t waste the opportunity. I won’t be doing anything like this in the foreseeable future. Click here to get yourself registered. After you register you can download my resource guide immediately, print it out and use it to take notes during the webinar.

And no, I won’t be recording this webinar. You show up and I’ll be your open book for an hour. Decide not to attend and you’re out of luck.

Click here to get registered. We get started at 11 PST/12 MST/1 CST/2 EST.

See you online!









Make sure to join me this Thursday February 26th where I’ll break down more of the 5 Secrets to Structuring Successful Builder/Developer/Realtor Relationships.

Talk soon!




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3 Examples of How to Use Video to Generate Leads & Create Value for Home Builders and Remodelers

February 24, 2015 by  

Coach Rick here.Secrets-to-Structuring-Partnerships-square2

At my upcoming webinar on Feb. 26th I’m going to be breaking down the case study I presented at the International Builders Show (IBS) Partnering with Developers & Realtors for Custom Built Profit. One of the areas I’ll be covering is the lead generation strategies Morning Star Builders and developer Caldwell Companies used in their partnership.

Using Video to Generate Leads 

Morning Star used video extensively both leading up to their showcase home event and during the event itself. I have links to about 5 different videos in my resource guide (everyone that attends the 2/26 webinar can download it for free). These videos are a great way to generate leads by hyping the event before it started (driving people to follow the project on Facebook and/or email) and during the event to encourage ticket sales. Below is a video that was produced by the builder/developer partnership to promote ticket sales.

Notice the use of visuals of the home, combined with testimonials (developer/builder/vendor and attendees) with a strong call-to-action at the end.

Using Video to Create Value
Below is an example of a video Morning Star used to promote the event while the home was still under construction. Take a look how Ted Cummins masterfully tells the story of the owner’s bath, simultaneously creating value for his company by showing their design capability

Testimonial Videos
Testimonial videos are the single best way to build the confidence of prospective buyers. Video is the only online medium that shows all three forms of communication- spoken word, tone of voice and body language. Notice how this video is structured to accomplish the following:
1. Document the decision making process of making the buying decision.
2. Tell a story of how life has changed for the better
3. End with a ringing endorsement


Make sure to join me this Thursday February 26th where I’ll break down more of the 5 Secrets to Structuring Successful Builder/Developer/Realtor Relationships.

Talk soon!




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3 Reasons Most Home Builders and Remodelers Fail (and how to keep it from happening to you)

February 18, 2015 by  

Coach Rick here.Secrets-to-Structuring-Partnerships-square2

OK so let me date myself a bit. The year was 1992 and I had just finished a summer internship with a real estate company. I got a call from my father, a real estate broker, who was about to staff a model home for a local Parade of Homes event. He needed help. So I enthusiastically agreed thinking how great it would be to get some training on selling new homes.

I spent summers and one spring during college working on framing crews. I knew how homes were put together and there was no way my poor back would allow me to choose a career framing. This, I thought, may lead to something….who knew!!

I arrived at the model home Saturday morning a couple hours before the event started and my father gave me my training. It went something like this (but in not so many words)…

See the model?,” asked my dad. “Yep.”

See the keys to unlock the door?,” “Sure do,” I replied.

“Turn on all the lights and let me know when I’m going to see a purchase agreement!” 

There I was in my borrowed suit so wet behind the ears I was dripping green “lack of experience” sweat all over the floors. I watched the clock tick down until 12:00 noon and then learned my first very valuable lesson…. Fake it until you make it!

I soon figured out it was up to me to figure out this sales and marketing thing. Because I was so inexperienced I started looking to anybody I could learn from. And, wouldn’t you know it, I found some help.

Reason #1 Most Builders Fail- Never Acknowledging You Need Help

Let’s call this the 100 level stage. I acknowledged I needed some help and started attending free workshops on any real estate topic I could find. I’d jot down a few ideas and walk away thinking I just got a few more pieces to the puzzle. After a few years of doing this I realized I had collected 1,000 different pieces that didn’t fit together. Sure I’d gotten some tips but I didn’t know how to truly leverage them into something I could see serious results. Which led me to…

Reason #2 Most Builders Fail- Never Engaging an Expert

I attended my first International Builder Show (IBS) in 1999. I will still gathering 100 level information when I went to a Bob Schultz class. I left him my business card and later that year received an invitation to attend one of his boot camp courses. I liked his ideas and so I jumped in. Not only did I sign up for the course I bought all his books and those of other trainers like Myers Barnes, Tom Richie and others.

Wow what an eye opener! Now I had 200 level information. I could see a process for selling new homes. I knew what to do at every step. It was all coming together! Best money I could have invested at that point in my career. Later on, however, I knew I was still missing something… 

Reason #3 Most Builders Fail- Never Committing

Last month I presented a case study via webinar and at IBS with a client of mine, Morning Star Builders of Houston, TX. I’ve

Left to right: Jennifer Symmons, Caldwell Companies; Rick Storlie, New Home Sales Coach; Yvonne Cummins, Morningstar Builders

Left to right: Jennifer Symmons, Caldwell Companies; Rick Storlie, New Home Sales Coach; Yvonne Cummins, Morningstar Builders

been working with Ted and Yvonne Cummins since 2012 and saw first-hand what commitment to a system has done for them. Ted and Yvonne started the company in 2001 and when I started working with them in 2012, they were a small mom and pop custom builder with two employees doing about 4 million a year. Both Ted and Yvonne committed themselves to learning and executing not only from me, but from their Builder 10 group and personal business coach. Today the company has 8 employees and will sell over 10.8 million in 2015. They’ve grown 65% in the last two years and have a great handle on their business.

Committing to a system is what I call 300 level. It’s not only knowing all the puzzle pieces, it’s working diligently with someone who knows how to connect them. Very few builders ever get to this level (I’d say 10% or less). 

My 300 level came from Charlie Cook, a small business coach that taught me everything about internet marketing and sales. I used that knowledge to build my business and in turn use it with all my clients. Without committing to Charlie’s system, I’d still be trying to connect puzzle pieces that don’t fit together.

What About You?

Failure means two things to me…

  • Trying to recreate the wheel instead of buying one that works (i.e. working stupid, not smart)
  • Being satisfied with the status quo

Watch how Ted and Yvonne answer the question, “What’s changed in your lead generation, marketing and sales process?”

Ted and Yvonne are in the 300 level and not stopping there! They’re not only in the 10% they’re probably in the top 5% of all builders. It’s so gratifying for me to see success stories like theirs.  

If you’re reading this blog it means you’re at least acknowledging you need help and looking for 100 level information. Congratulations, that’s the first step! I’d like to introduce you to the 200 Level on Thursday February 26th. I’ve created a follow-up webinar and 23 page resource guide to our IBS presentation that documents exactly how Ted and Yvonne grew 32% last year alone. I’ll be walking you through the resource guide and providing greater depth from the IBS program.

Click here to register for the webinar, download the resource guide and watch a recording of the IBS presentation 


Talk soon!




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Live Webinar Thursday January 15th- Partnering with Developers & Realtors for Custom Built Profit

January 13, 2015 by  

Coach Rick here.Please join Rick Storlie of New Home Sales Coach at the 2015 International Builders Show for new home sales training

You ever ask yourself why you do what you do?

When you’re asked, ‘what do you do for work?’ you probably have some sort of standard script. But does anyone ask, ‘why did you choose this profession?’

I help home builders and remodelers automate their sales process. But that’s not why I do what I do. The most rewarding part of my day is when my client’s share stories of using the strategies we discuss (many times reluctantly- change is hard!) and have some success to celebrate.  

At a recent planning session for the IBS case study webinar we’re presenting this Thursday January 15th, I overheard a LOT of these stories.  My case study is about a successful builder/developer relationship for planning, promoting and executing two showcase home events in 2014. My client, Yvonne & Ted Cummins of Morning Star Builders in Houston, absolutely killed it last year working with a local developer. I’m astounded at how well they did with these events!

You see, this isn’t Ted and Yvonne’s first time around the block. They did a showcase home event in 2011 that, let’s say, had a ton of potential but never really delivered. Three years later, after a lot of coaching, new systems and technology- well, as you’ll see and hear on the webinar– the showcase home events delivered tremendous results and are still delivering in 2015.

Here’s some of the success stories you’ll hear…

  • How to work with charities (and get free PR!)
  • How to approach and structure a win/win relationship with a land developer (this is Morningstar’s first time working with a developer)
  • The secrets to generating a buzz about your event months before you’ll actually have it (you’ll be amazed at how many people “opted-in” before the event)
  • What social media platforms really performed and which ones aren’t worth your time
  • How to automatically filter tire kickers from real leads– in your sleep!
  • Tricks and tactics to staffing and closing during the event (wait to you hear how Morning Star used their vendors!)
  • The results! How many leads, prospects, design agreements and sales Morning Star generated (and what they project they’ll sell in 2015 do to the leads generated at the 2014 events)

…plus much more. Best news? You’ll get to ask your direct questions to Yvonne and Jennifer (the land developer).

If you’re not able to make it to the International Builder Show in Las Vegas next week, this is your one and only chance to catch our presentation outside of the show itself. Miss it Thursday and you miss your chance to hear first hand what you should be doing to implement these strategies yourself in 2015 (but you’re not going to let that happen- are you ;-)?

Click here to register for the January 15th webinar

See you online!


P.S. If you have ANY interest in attending my Management Academy in Las Vegas on Jan. 19th, make sure you RSVP right away. Last day to register is Thursday Jan. 15th. Click here for details


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