Wondering How to be a “Hall of Fame” Home Builder, Remodeler or Realtor? Why Not Copy How a REAL Hall of Famer did it…

I caught a radio interview with John Randle the other day- a former NFL defensive tackle that was just voted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

With everything John had to go through, he never should of played in the NFL. Yet in 2010 he was voted, by his peers, as one of the best players to EVER play the game.

I couldn’t help but see the similarities in his story- with what we as home builders, Realtors and remodelers are up against on a daily basis.

There’s a few lessons we can all learn from John. Maybe you too can create a hall of fame business- against all odds.


“I don’t know if you have the weight- but you’ve got heart. And heart goes a long way.”

This was told to the 244 pound defensive tackle John Randle in 1990 at the Minnesota Vikings training camp by a coach.

John’s story starts in the little  town of Hearne, Texas– population 150. He was a self-proclaimed poor country kid that had to hitch hike home from practice every day.

He attended the small division II school of Texas A&I where he ALMOST went completely unnoticed.

After he went undrafted, a Minnesota Viking scout remembered catching one of his college games and invited John to attend training camp as an undrafted free agent.

The first thought on John’s mind was trying to last the entire 2 week camp. But as camp progressed he was overwhelmed by the chance to show the pro’s what he could do.

That chance was all he needed and John earned a roster spot on the team. He played in all 16 games his rookie year and earned a starting spot the following season.

After an injury sidelined him for part of the 1991 – 1992 season, John went on to play in 183 consecutive games. Over his 14 year career he amassed 137.5 sacks- tied for the number 6 most sacks of any NFL player.

Always Behind the 8 ball

Every game John played he was undersized. Just like every day you look for business- unemployment, low consumer confidence and tight credit are bigger and stronger than you are.

John developed 4 strategies to cope with his “market” and become one of the best to ever play the game…

Strategy #1: Leverage Your Coaches. A big heart and great attitude will only get you so far. John credits his coach’s for teaching him techniques that allowed him to stand out. He came in early and stayed late at practices- always looking for an edge.

I’m sure you work hard. But are you working smart? Are you leveraging the people in your life- or bringing others into your life that can give you that extra edge?

Strategy #2: The Law of Focus. John wouldn’t talk to his teammates before a game. He wouldn’t shake hands with any opposing players and he was superstitious. He had the same pregame rituals that HE felt gave him an edge.

Are you focusing on the activities that will bring your next buyer in the door? Or are you spending time doing things that are no longer relevant in this market? Everyone has the same amount of time in the day. How are you spending yours?

Strategy #3: Have a Secret Weapon. Speed was what John was known for. But he’ll tell you  what made him great was his hands.

“I used my hands to make sure guys couldn’t block me,” he said in his interview. “Nobody was expecting that.”

What do you do for your prospects that your competitors won’t do? How do you differentiate? Every owner and salesperson needs to push themselves to where they are uncomfortable.

You must constantly be developing your own secret weapons.

None of you can develop one thing that will make a big difference. However, you can do a lot of LITTLE things that will get you the sale.

What will you do that’s unexpected?

Strategy #4: What are You Saying? John was infamous for his “motor mouth.” He would study his opposing players and find out as much personal information as he could.

On Sunday he had his scripts all ready to go…

“I used trash talk to get into people’s heads and make them overplay, ” John commented. “One game Trent Dilfer was thrown out for beating on my chest because he was so upset at what I was saying to his offensive lineman.”

Now more than ever you need a carefully crafted verbal presentation. And it’s changed over what you needed just a few years ago. Many salespeople lose opportunities not because of outside forces. They lose buyers because they don’t pay attention to what they’re saying or asking.

It all comes down to objections…

During the radio interview John described how he got into the NFL. “Some guys get there in a limo. Some guys take a bus. I happened to walk.”

You’re just a country kid…

You didn’t go to the right college…

You didn’t get drafted…

You’re too small to play in the NFL…

These are nothing but objections. John learned to deal with them. And you can deal with the objections of the moment too.

You just need a big heart. The rest is easy…

Happy Selling!

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