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Part II of…

The 5 Stages of the Purchase Process

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According to
Marti Barletta, author of Marketing to Women and PrimeTime Women, when men and women buy as partners, women control at least four out of five stages of the purchasing process (well really all 5 but us men need to get our egos stroked a bit :-).

Stage III- Purchase
If there’s one area of the purchasing process where we feel men are in charge, this is it. Why?

Historically this is where the “man” takes over as primary contact and negotiator.

It’s why we get confused as marketers…

…that men are the primary influencers in the decision to buy.

We get confused because it was her idea to move or remodel in the first place (Stage I) and she did all the research to find your company (Stage II).

If she didn’t lead him to your company you wouldn’t be negotiating with him now!

Doesn’t it seem like you work and work with her and when it comes time to write the purchase agreement “Mr. Negotiator” steps in?

The question I ask all my clients in this situation is this, “Is she on board?” If they say ‘she is,’ he’s just trying to get the best deal.

In this situation stand firm on your negotiation. Give him something to make the deal happen- just not the farm!

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Stage IV- Ownership

She’s back in the saddle again! The post purchase stage has her making selections, finalizing design, dealing with construction details, etc.

This is where your staged guest experience comes in. If you aren’t proactively staging a “Nordstrom’s” type  customer experience you’ll let her down, and you can’t afford that…

…because the ownership stage leads us to…

Stage V- Word-of-Mouth
OK guys…this is where we get BURNED.

How you handle a problem is more important that if you have a problem

When was the last time you built or remodeled a home without a problem? Answer- Never! Every job has problems but it’s how we treat the problem that leads to the referral (good or bad).

Contrary to popular belief, women are NOT as likely to give a referral as a man. Women tend to keep personal and business separate.

Therefore, women need a GOOD REASON to give a referral and that reason is how they were treated in the ownership stage.

Your goal is to CREATE experiences and strategically handle problems so your female customers have plenty of good reasons to refer you, thus influencing your next buyer.

And the purchase process begins again…

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Happy Selling!

P.S. Don’t fall into the trap of buying into the same old “re-tread” sales training. Today is different. Consumers are different.

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