Will the Real Home Buyers Please Stand Up?

A couple of thoughts…

Business may be slow, but some serious customers are still shopping hard-and buying. Who are they? And what do they want?

This is a great article from Builderonline.com. Take a few minutes to read it to see how the housing market continues to shift away from baby boomers and move towards Gen X and Gen Y (under 45).
Remodelers– this article REINFORCES your focus on boomers (age 45+). These people are stuck in their homes through their decision to not lock in their losses through a sale. They still have equity and many have cash reserves for moderate projects that will allow them to live more comfortably until they finally accept what they’re home is worth.

After you’ve read the article  I’d suggest utilizing this Free tool in my Resource Section to help you better target the people buying today.

Read the article here >>

Happy Selling!