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As I was posting this video I realized summer is officially over! So I’ve removed the word “summer” from this video series and plan to keep doing them this fall :-). I’ve gotten a lot a great feedback from you and have decided to publish about 8 – 10 more videos.

Buyers are Liars!

If there’s a theme for today’s video it’s this- builders often use the excuse “buyers are liars” to explain the actions of a prospect that didn’t buy. More often than not, what I’ve found is some serious holes in many builder’s sales process that lead to deals blowing up. Case in point- today’s video shows you the 3 MUST ASK questions most salespeople are missing that can avoid derailing a sale down the line.

A couple of notes on this strategy:

  1. Have an agenda: I’ve noticed many salespeople don’t have a formal agenda when they sit down with the prospect the first time. Do you? If you don’t you’ll most likely miss a lot of important information that will help you convert your prospect to a buyer down the road.
  2. Don’t….: Jump right to looking at plans, available homesites or get into pricing. You’ll have time for that later. Focus on understanding what’s driving your prospect to build or remodel a home. Hint- it has everything to do with a problem(s). So, first understand what the specific problem(s) is before you introduce how to solve it!
  3. Review their history: This is also an objection technique. When you review their history you’ll find out if this is there first or fifth project. You’ll find out how they heard about you and you’ll understand their motivations.


The video is about 7 minutes long and I go into a lot of details on how to use the information from these questions to frame your first meeting agenda. Here they are…

  1. “How did you find out about us?”
  2. “Have you built or remodeled a home before?”
  3. “Would you consider partnering with us to build/remodel your home?”

All of these questions are critical. Just as critical is what you do with the information you gather and the subsequent follow-up questions. Watch the video to get all the details and find out how my clients are using these questions to convert 50% or more of their prospects into buyers!


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