Thursday February 21st: The Single Key Ingredient to Taking Market Share, Right Now

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I received this note from a client today…

Pratt Remodeling website – last 4 weeks:

Jan 21 – Jan 27 = 85 unique visitors

Jan 28 – Feb 3 = 89 unique visitors

Feb 4 – Feb 10 = 229 unique visitors

Feb 11 – Feb 17 = 397 unique visitors


It’s important you understand the background of this client. They just formally launched their remodeling division in June of 2012. Up until that time, everything was done under their home building company. The owners decided in March of 2012 it was time to treat their remodeling company, well, like a real company. However, like all of you, they wanted to be smart about it.

Instead of opening a brick and mortar showroom in a high traffic location or spending thousands on home shows, we decided to create a virtual marketplace- a virtual showroom, resource library and incorporate social media into the mix. And, as you can see by the above numbers, Google decided they were officially relevant the week of February 4th. Last week nearly 400 people visited their virtual showroom with about 2 – 5% of those opting into a relationship (that’s 8 – 20 leads in one week!).

The company broke 2 million in volume in 2012, up from 1.1 million in 2011 and is on track to hit 2.5 million this year.

What’s the key ingredient for this company, and yours?

It’s being a relevant player in your local virtual marketplace. And you don’t have to have a brick and mortar presence (e.g. model home or showroom) to do it. Besides, what’s the point? Your future buyers aren’t driving around in their cars looking for your location(s) anyway. They’re utilizing the resources available to them from the virtual marketplace.

Thursday February 21st will be my first webinar documenting the process of becoming relevant in your local virtual marketplace. Use this link to secure your spot!

See you Thursday!


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