Save the date!

Tuesday August 25th from 2-7 pm at…

Becker Home Center in Becker, MN

Hi guys,

Here’s the story behind this Sales Summit…

I’m the chair of the Sales and Marketing Council for the Builder’s Association of the Twin Cities and at our last planning meeting I wanted to offer some “nearly free” training for the home builders and remodelers participating in the fall Parade of Homes and Remodelers Showcase-  (there should be a “SM” behind each of those with a disclaimer that reads, “The Parade of Homes and Remodelers Showcase are service marks of the Builders Association of the Twin Cities and used with permission,” but my blog software doesn’t allow me to superscript. Anyway, now I’m covered!)

We set a tentative date to host a round table training session with some top new home and remodeling salespeople.

Click here to meet Rob Fritz who has sold 4.5 million in new home sales in 7 months>>

Then I traveled around the state in May and found out many other local associations have fall home tours and home shows. I asked each of the home builder association executive officers if they would be interested in offering a summit like this for their members….Low and behold 3 more were interested.

So….we now have 4 different associations participating and planning this incredible event.

Play the video below to get the overview…

I’m bringing in my BEST clients, the ones that are still doing an amazing job of selling in this very tricky market.

The goal of this training is very simple…

We’re going to show you exactly how to Maximize YOUR return on investment when you enter a home tour or home show. You’ll find out how to…

  • Set an appointment within 9 minutes of meeting a prospect

  • Turn your prospects objections into a sales advantage

  • Integrate social media into your follow-up techniques

  • Website strategies that will help keep moving a prospect towards a sale

  • Ask questions that will get your prospects talking and you on your way to your next sale

You’ll find out the strategies and techniques my clients have used to outpace the market by 50%, 80%, 120% and more.

Now that’s MY part of this summit. The associations are also adding…

  • Staging seminars for empty AND occupied homes. Discover how to present your models or homeowner’s homes for maximum appeal.

  • Information stations on how to…

Get more public relations for your company

Utilize social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Blogging, Twitter and more!)

Staffing strategies for remodelers involved in a home show or tour.

Governmental update with Pam Perri Weaver from the Builders Association of MN

Green selling strategies with Mike Williams, chair of MN Green Star.

As Billy Mayes would say, “but that’s not all! (my wife hates hated that guy. Imagine that…I Loved him!)”

Becker Home Center is providing…

  • A beer/wine networking happy hour

  • Dinner

  • Door prizes (you need to stay to the end to see if you won!)

Plus we have a keynote speaker Charlie Kanan who will be giving an address called “The Boss is Not in the Building,” where he will show you how to grow your business through the art of talking with your customers and prospects.

It’s all happening Tuesday August 25th from 2 – 7 pm. We’re nearly booked to capacity and the RSVP seating ends on Tuesday August 18th. It’s only $25/person!

What are you waiting for?

Happy Selling!