3 Value Creation Strategies for Builders (A Quick Note About What We’ll Be Discussing Thursday)

This Thursday we’ll be sharing results from our various campaigns to create value for home builders and remodelers.

In a nutshell, value to your prospects means the money they’re paying you to build or remodel their home is EQUAL to, or LESS THAN what they’re getting in return. Of course their perception of value can only be created in their mind- EMOTIONALLY.

How can you, as a builder, help create the perception of value?

Our testing and research has led us to the following 3 strategies:

  • Show: What and when you show a prospect has the fastest impact to creating value. It comes down to believability. If they don’t see what they’re looking for, at key moments- they won’t believe you’re the best company for their job. We’ll take an in depth look at what to show them and when to do it so you’re positioned as the builder of choice.


  • Tell: What’s your story? In other words, when your prospect reads your website, advertisements or collateral materials- what sort of impression are they getting. We’ll explore how to refine your message into a consumer-centric approach that will have instant appeal for your prospects.


  • Do: What are the highest converting actions you can ask your prospects to do? In other words, what’s the easiest way to begin the relationship? When do you go for the close and when should you hold back and advise/consult. We’ll reveal the top performing call-to-actions- the things that are converting today’s prospects to buyers.

There you have it- See, Tell, Do: The formula for removing, ‘What’s your price-per-square-foot from your prospect’s vocabulary.

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See you Thursday!