What percentage of leads should a builder be getting from…

  • Online marketing?
  • Open Houses?
  • Events?
  • Client Referrals?
  • Professional referrals?

Since the housing industry has been turned on its head, so has the traditional sources of leads. A home builder can’t rely on only model traffic just like a remodeler won’t grow their business on “natural” client referrals.

Hallmark Homes of Utah and NIH Homes of Minnesota have embarked on a case study to make over their marketing, advertising and sales strategies.

On Thursday October 20th Chris from Hallmark Homes and Jeremy from NIH Homes will show you what they’re doing to generate new leads.

We’ll be exploring…

  • How each builder has restructured their website to capture more online leads
  • What the builders did and are doing to drive more web traffic
  • The specific tools each is using to generate leads and their results
  • How they move web leads to walk-ins

Reserve your spot right now. We’ve got room for 100 people.
Happy Selling!


P.S. Each builder will also be breaking down the lead source for their sales. Even though the results are early, they will surprise you! Reserve you spot > >