Pricing Mistake #4- Making the Wrong Assumptions

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On Thursday April 25th I’ll be presenting, The Perfect Pricing Paradigm: How to Avoid the 5 Most Common Mistakes When Presenting Pricing to a Prospect. Here’s a sneak peak at one of the mistakes I see builders making time and time again- making the wrong assumptions when presenting a price.

Many years ago I was in a model home talking to the builder and asked him, “what are you standard features?” He answered, “We don’t have any. We’ll do whatever the customer wants.” I said, “Ok. I want a wood foundation!”

Truth be told, he wasn’t too far off. Most of you have some set of included features or standard specifications you use to price projects. And you should- for internal purposes. The mistake I see being made time and time again is publishing a list of included features to your prospects. It does nothing but create confusion and lost sales.

There’s 2 ways to present pricing- lump sum and base + options. Both have drawbacks. At my webinar I’ll reveal a hybrid approach to pricing- one that removes the mistake of making the wrong assumptions associated with standard features or specifications. And it’s far more streamlined than a complete custom approach.

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