Pricing Mistake #3- Wasting time with bad prospects

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Thursday April 25th I’m presenting, The Perfect Pricing Paradigm: How to Avoid the 5 Most Common Mistakes When Presenting Pricing to a Prospect. Here’s a sneak peak at one of the mistakes I see builders making time and time again- wasting time with bad prospects.

Why do we do this? We know the tell tale signs… Asking too many pricing questions too fast. Bringing us a plan or competitors brochure. Just saw 67 homes with their Realtor. Bid packets for 7 builders already prepared before you meet them.

But what goes through our head? Maybe THIS time I’ll get them. So we invest hours into meetings, pricing and presenting only to find out, at the end, they went with a competitor. I’m convinced we’re all suckers for low hanging fruit- a prospect that contacts you who is Ready, Willing and Able. It’s just too tempting to pass up!

I’ve found you can actually convert 5 – 10% of these types of prospects. I’m going to show you the process I use to weed out the 90 – 95% you don’t want to waste your time on. It’ll take you maybe 15 – 20 minutes to figure out if you should send these prospects on there way or put some effort into them.

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