White Hot Referral Strategy #3: Executing and Growing Your Rewards ProgramWhite-Hot-Referrals---square-image

The final phase of generating more referral business is the most important- it’s the guerrilla marketing your sales stuff executes each week.

An event is by more the most efficient way to promote your program, but nothing beats a phone call, birthday card, home visit or even a simple text to keep your reward program growing- and the referrals coming. Here’s a few, but not all, of the activities I’ll be discussing at the webinar:

  1. Weekly Execution Process. One salesperson only needs to talk to 2 – 3 clients and Realtors® each week. The strategy I’ll be revealing is the email/call or stop by/thank you note process. Each month you’ll send an E-announcement to your referral partners telling a story about your program. That gets followed up by a phone call to 2 – 3 people on that list (per salesperson) and then a personal note in the mail.
  2. Realtors®. Each salesperson will develop and manage a top 10 list of local Realtors®. That is, establish a personal relationship with the 10 local agents most likely to sell one of your homes. Remodelers can do the same thing- with a slight twist I’ll talk more about Thursday.
  3. Milestones. It’s important to track several milestones with every client that give you the opportunity to personally reach out every 3 months. These can include holidays, completion anniversaries but also much more meaningful dates we’ll go over at the webinar.

You can’t just develop a program, throw a couple of parties and expect it to work. The weekly execution activities are what drives your referral leads and business growth. It is the heavy lifting but keep in mind, with a 75% conversion rate of your referral leads to buyers, got any other ideas for growing your business more efficiently?

Make sure you grab your spot with the link below for Thursday’s webinar!