If you’ve attended any of my recent webinars, you know that my specialty is helping home builders and home remodelers automate their lead generation and sales processes.Ubix-square-image

You might be thinking, “we already do email blasts” or “we already do drip email campaigns.”

Although both email marketing and drip campaigns are an important part of – what I call our “Functional Sales System,” – it really is just the tip of the iceberg.

One of the critical pieces of the system is our Ubix Web Automation Technology.

Think of Ubix as the engine. It drives the system.

For example, it can legally and ethically spy on every prospect who visits your website.

Ubix can tell you how often each prospect visits your site, where they hangout, and how much time they spend – just as an example.

But Ubix goes beyond that…

We’ve developed a proprietary algorithm that rates your prospects, based on all of their online behaviors. It determines which of your prospects are in the “call immediately” category, and which are simply in the “tire kicking” phase.

All your sales people need to do each day is open up Ubix, click on a special link, and they will know exactly who to connect with in-person. These will be the prospects who are in their “nearly-final” decision making phase.

Pretty powerful stuff – wouldn’t you agree?

I’d like to walk you through the system so you can see, first-hand, how Ubix works.

So I’ve scheduled four 30-minute, group sessions in the next two weeks.

There is absolutely no obligation, simply an overview of how it all works.

I want you to see for yourself where the home building and home remodeling industry is heading, thanks to technology.


If you didn’t get a chance to see our recent webinar titled “No Model – No problem” (an encore presentation from the International Builders Show) – I want to give you an opportunity to catch the replay.

This webinar is jam-packed with useful information about using a combination of platforms – your website, social media, and systems likeUbix – to remain competitive in today’s market.

To watch the replay, CLICK HERE.

Plus – our Resource Guide will be extremely helpful. DOWNLOAD YOUR COPY BY CLICKING HERE NOW.

Until then,

Happy Selling!