Are you Making it Harder to Sell and Don’t Even Know it?

The market is tough enough, wouldn’t you agree? Why then, would you make it even harder to market and sell your services today?

“What do you mean by that Rick?”

Does this sound familiar?

  • Your marketing doesn’t work.
  • The only thing your prospects are interested in is a low price.
  • Your phone has quit ringing and your model traffic is near dead.
  • The last ad you ran or postcard you mailed netted a whopping “0” calls.
  • The only thing you do is “bid” today.

You’re thinking it’s the market or just consumers in general. Maybe.

But what if you had something to do with it?

What if 90% of your problem was internal and not the external market?

Why You’re Not Selling What You Want

The reasons your not selling today are…

Your prospect’s think you’re just like every other builder AND you’re looking for your next customer, not your next prospect.

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You can keep hoping or…

Show up, learn and start kicking some ass. It’s your choice. What will you do?

Happy Selling!


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