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3 Fundamentals to Getting More Leads- A Home Builder’s & Remodeler’s Guide to Advertising

I was speaking with a home builder the other day about advertising. A quote came up that I’ve heard before- maybe even you’ve uttered it…

“We don’t advertise.”

The builder didn’t advertise in the traditional sense (print, radio, bill boards, etc.). But they do advertise. They just were defining it wrong.

What followed was my explanation of how advertising has evolved. And why virtually no home builders and remodelers advertise correctly.

If you’ve ever wondered why your advertising isn’t working you’ll find the answer here. Enjoy!


The 3 Fundamentals to Getting More Leads

I was watching a video blog last year when the presenter asked, “Do you know the difference between advertising and marketing?”

It was a great question and I didn’t know the answer. So I started looking at the difference- which led me to TRULY understand what’s missing from home builder’s and remodelers marketing plans.

Advertising vs Marketing

Wikipedia defines advertising as…


Advertising is a form of communication intended to persuade an audience (viewers, readers or listeners) to take some action.

Pretty simple, right?


Now take a look at Wikipedia’s definition of Marketing…


Marketing is the process by which companies determine what products or services may be of interest to customers, and the strategy to use in sales, communications and business development. It is an integrated process through which companies create value for customers and build strong customer relationships in order to capture value from customers in return.
Ok- maybe not so simple!As you can see home builders and remodelers spend a lot of time focusing on advertising (i.e. generating traffic to models) but not much time on marketing.

However, it’s MARKETING that sells your services- NOT advertising. If you’re not sure what your marketing strategy is how could you put together an effective advertising campaign?

Fundamental #1 to Getting More Leads: Understand Your Prospect’s Problems Better than Anyone Else

I took a home study course on writing copy and the very first thing I did was build a “Tarket”. The author described how we need to go a step further than identifying our target market- we needed to create our own fictitious buyer (e.g. tarket)…right down to their names.

Here’s the idea behind it- What are you really selling? People don’t move or remodel if their current home fits their life hunky dory. They don’t even consider the idea until there is some “pain” being caused by their current situation.You can’t understand your prospect’s pain unless YOU feel you COMPLETELY know them. And people don’t want to do business with people or companies they don’t relate too. The only way to REALLY know someone is to define EXACTLY who they are. Once you do that you can focus on exactly what they need.

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Infomercials have this down to a science. The next time you are scanning what’s on- look at the titles to these programs. Every program has a defined buyer profile with a defined set of problems the product solves.Fundamental #2 to Getting More Leads: Don’t Propose on the First Date…

You’re probably thinking I’ve lost my mind. Let me explain…

When you ask a prospect to become a customer in one step it’s like proposing on the first date! They don’t know you, trust you or see the value of your services.

Yet what do our advertising messages ask people to do- ‘If you’re ready to buy call, email or stop by and we’ll sell you.’

Relationships evolve over time. What’s the best way to start a relationship? Focus on helping your prospect and ask for nothing in return.

I’m not talking about giving away your services but I am talking about giving away your knowledge and expertise. The more you give away the better chance you have of your prospect choosing you.Fundamental #3 to Getting More Leads:Be Different Not Better!

The housing industry is awash in a sea of sameness. 90% of what we do is EXACTLY what our competitors do. So how do we advertise? 

We tell people we’re better.

We use terms like…



___ years of experience AND my favorite…

“We try to build a perfect house” (I just saw that one in an ad last week)

What we forget is our prospects hear these same things from everyone. These are minimum expectations in their mind. If they think you’re the same as the builder down the street the question they ask themselves are, “Why should I choose you? Are you the lowest price?”

Instead of advertising about the things you do that are just like your competitors- advertise about how you are different. You’ll attract people interested in your differences.

Now What?

If you’re no longer wondering why your advertising isn’t working I’d like to give you a hand. I’ve put together a cheat sheet called “4 Keys to Improving Your Advertising.”

It’s a summary of the techniques and strategies you should be using to generate leads through your advertising.

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Happy Selling!

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