Last summer I was nearing the deadline for my annual continuing education and received an email for a 2-day course on negotiation. The topic intrigued me and I needed credits so I pulled the trigger and signed up.

I’ve been to TONS of seminars and paid anywhere from $0 to thousands of dollars and this was one ranked with the best. While at the seminar something dawned on me…

We work in a market with a built-in disadvantage (i.e. more sellers than buyers) and very few of us, including me, have formally studied negotiation.

Let’s face it, as a home builder and remodeler today, you’ve got an uphill battle when it comes to negotiating with buyers. Every buyer out there thinks they have you over a barrel and can squeeze every bit of profit out of you.

Their negotiating power is called Market Power. It gives every buyer a built-in edge.

If you don’t understand how this power works, it can lead to…

  • Lost sales
  • Lower Margins
  • And what’s happened to many of your competitors- you shut the doors

The good news is you’re reading this and still have an opportunity to discover how these 12 elements of negotiation power work.

On Wednesday November 23rd John Wenner (the same guy that taught my course), a master negotiator with 25 years of professional negotiation experience, from the Real Estate Negotiation Institute will show you how these 12 elements of negotiation power work.

Every home builder and remodeler that understands them can use them to…

  • Generate the best outcome in every transaction
  • Level the playing field
  • Lessen the impact of a buyer’s market power
  • Sell more at higher margins

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There is no cost to attend and everyone that does will receive John’s Negotiation Power download. Register today!