What do my dog Bentley and the Housing market have in common?


Dogs and Housing Markets…What?

Q: What do dogs and housing markets have in common?

A: If you sit back and don’t pay attention they can bite you in the ass when you’re not looking!

“There’s no such thing as the status quo. Either you’re doing something every day to get better or you’re getting worse.”

-Pat Riley

I love that quote. It reminds me of our housing market. Just when we think we have something figured out and we’re making some headway…BOOM…everything changes. That’s why you can’t sit back and hope. The best strategy right now is to attack and don’t look back!

Are you…

…always educating yourself and looking for new opportunities?

…trying, failing and learning from it?

…watching for an opening to exploit a niche?

…setting time aside to work on, not always in your business?

…investing in yourself?

…pushing yourself out of your comfort zone?

I could go on and on but I really think the key to winning today is to simply DO SOMETHING!

But what do most people do? Comiserate, wait, hope, hunker down and slowly die.

I’m speaking quite a bit this month and I always watch an audience, focused on my message, taking notes and…95% of them not doing a damn thing with the information.

It used to bug me. You think you can save everybody if they would just follow your advice. Then you learn that everyone shouldn’t be saved and “cleansing” is a good thing.

It’s a hard phone call or email to get when someone has waited so long to ask for help and no matter what I do, I can’t help them.

Please continually educate yourself and most importantly, TAKE ACTION with your new education without the fear of failure.

Oh ya…about Bentley. I’ve noticed a few times Bentley can turn the handle on his kennel door. I just blew it off and was satisfied with the “status quo” that “he’s only 4 months old and can’t get that door open.”

Well, just like the market, things change. The little bastard not only figured out how to get the door open, he had a free ride in my garage for 3 – 5 hours. This is what I found when I arrived home today…

I had no idea a dog could have a shoe fetish! What you DON’T see is the pee in one corner, poop in the other and chewed up paper towels all over the place.

Happy Selling!

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