This is Rick Storlie, with New Home Sales Coach.

This is week three of our 60 Day Strategic Plan of how to respond to the Covid-19 Pandemic for Home Builders and Remodelers.


I’ve been getting reports back from home builders and remodelers who are my private clients and they’ve had great questions.

I want to be here for you to coach you through this – so please keep the feedback and questions coming.

It’s important that you stay up-to-speed on this, because this will continually build.  So implement what I recommended in Weeks One and Two.

If you need to revisit that training:

Week One – Covid-19 Response

  • We updated your website masthead
  • We recommended that you create a blog post, explaining how you will stay connected with both your new construction and remodeling prospects.
  • I recommended that you map out a “connection plan” for every current prospect.

Week Two – Covid-19 Response

  • We did another blog post showing that we’re doing virtual consultations, and assisting with pre-planning for upcoming home construction.
  • We shortened and updated the website masthead.
  • I recommended doing a Realtor email/outreach.
  • Also recommended a lead email/outreach.

Here we are at Week Three:

Face-to-face is dead.  People are not interacting.  What it means is you need to get a virtual platform and start practicing.

Many states have extended shelter-in-place into May.  If people aren’t able to do face-to-face, virtual is what you must learn to do.

We sent out leads to Realtors and leads last week. Leads are skittish, even virtually.

Don’t worry – we’re going to continue to plant seeds.  As we see many states hit the “peak” people will become more confident.  So continue to plant seeds and make connections with your leads.

The good news is that Realtors have been very responsive.  At first I thought they were responsive because they didn’t have anything to do.

But here’s what I’ve learned from making connections:

A lot of Realtors have buyers.  Even if the buyers are willing to buy now, they are having a hard time taking their buyers into used homes because the home owners don’t want strangers coming through their homes. 

So those buyers are very open to considering bringing their buyers to a home builder. 

Those Realtors might have had a preference for showing used home inventory – but that is shifting.  Right now they don’t have that opportunity – so new construction is a heavy consideration for them right now.

Here’s Our Week 3 Plan:

  1. Virtual Meetings
  2. Re-Engagement Campaigns
  3. Virtual Events

Revisit your prospect plans.

Make an offer to get them moving again.  Look for opportunities to get your prospects re-engaged.

There are some businesses that are very busy and doing quite well.  If you have a prospect in one of those categories – re-engage and make them an offer.

Virtual Consultation format

Do a screen share and a video – like what you see in the video above. 

Three things to incorporate for visuals:

  • an initial consultation template
  • needs, wants and wishes
  • builder website – floor plans, available homes, virtual tours

(See Examples in the Handout)

Do you need to be in your model home when you do a virtual consultation?  Optional – but not necessary.

Re-Engagement Campaigns

Do an e-Announcement to Leads

We sent one in week two, so now we want to segment that list to send out this week’s e-Announcement.

  • Look at the leads who opened last week’s email.
  • Look at the leads who clicked on the links.  Call or text them (don’t say “I see you clicked on my link!).

See template in the handout.

Plant a seed, plant a seed.  As we come out of this and people come back to life – they are going to be really sick of their current homes and ready to consider building a new home or remodeling.

Do an e-Announcement to Realtors

Did you get a response last week?

  1. Create an “opened the email” list.  These are the Realtors you want to call or text.
  2. Send another email with the same offer, and we’re going to continue to repeat this.  Throw in something like, “Hey, are you struggling because you can’t show homes?  New construction is a great option right now.”
  3. Repeat next week

Virtual Events

Do a Facebook Live!

  1. host with a partner at a model or showroom
  2. encourage attendance by pre-promotion
  3. record and repurpose for future virtual engagement


I like to end with scripture…because God is in control.

Do Not Be Anxious…Philippians 4:6-7

6do no be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.  7And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

What we need to focus on is we have a God who loves us.  Put our faith in him, and don’t be anxious about what’s going on in this world.  Let’s face it.  We can’t control it.

I pray that you and your family are well.

God bless,