One of the most important lessons I learned in my 20+ years of experience selling custom built homes is this:Ubix-square-image

Information is powerful – especially when that information helps you learn more about your prospects.

What if you could start each day – knowing which of your prospects are HOT…and which are NOT. Wouldn’t that help you determine the best phone calls to make?


What if you could see exactly which pages of your website your prospect has viewed, how much time they have spent on each page, and how many times they have come back for a second (or third) look?

That’s just a couple examples of what our Ubix system can do for you…

This powerful system takes the guesswork out of your lead program.

It was specifically designed to collect your lead’s contact info, monitor their engagement on your website, nurture them on autopilot, and put up a flag when their ACTIONS indicate they are ready, willing, and able to proceed with their project.

That’s when you or your sales team steps in…and closes the deal.

Think of it as legally and ethically “spying” on your leads, nurturing them along a sales process automatically and finally filtering out those who are ready to buy.

And that’s just one example of what Ubix can do for your sales team.

This Thursday, I’m holding a special overview to take you “under the hood” of the Ubix system.

Whether you’re considering implementing this high-powered tool at your company…
…or maybe I’ve sparked your curiosity…
… or at the very least – you want to be well informed about the kind of systems your competitors might be getting their hands on…

I strongly recommend you join me this Thursday to learn more…

I’m hosting this Ubix overview at 10:15 am EST, 9:15 am CST, 8:15 am MST, and 7:15 am PST.


Until Thursday – Happy Selling,

Coach Rick