The Prospect asks the Home Builder, “Why Should I Buy From You?” What is Your Answer?

That’s the question constantly going through your prospect’s mind

Why choose you?

“Why Should I Buy from You?”

Have you ever stepped away from your business and really given this question some thought? Do you struggle trying to answer it?

If you’re like most of the home builders and remodelers I’ve talked to, you’re probably busy…

…Running your day-to-day business
…Trying to get your next sale
…Keeping your current customers happy

Let’s face it- it’s really easy to get bogged down in the details of working IN your business. Working ON your business is constantly getting pushed to the back burner. But if your prospects are constantly asking themselves, “Why should I buy from you?”…

Isn’t This a Question You Should Have a GREAT Answer For?

And please don’t go down the road of…

…because we’re family owned
…because we’re a quality builder/remodeler
…because we have 20+ years of experience
…because we have excellent service

All those things are MINIMUM expectations of buyers today.

So how do You get MORE Buyers to Choose You?

Market Positioning- The Home Builders (and salespersons) Map for Unleashing Sales in a Battle-Hardened Housing Market

This is a no B.S. conversation about how the best home builders, remodelers and salespeople are using market positioning to gain market share.

I’ll demystify market positioning and show you 5 easy-to-implement steps that will reignite your sales for 2010 and beyond.

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90% of what you do is just like your competitors. This program will show you how to leverage the 10% that makes all the difference to your bottom line.

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Happy Selling!

P.S As a bonus to everyone that attends I’m going to help you get started repositioning your company, neighborhood and/or your personal brand. This tool is invaluable for your future success.

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