Jack from New York emailed me the other day and wrote…

“I would like to talk to you about how we can revive our companies sales.  Due to the downturn, we were forced to cut staff and go into survival mode over the past several months.

This was necessary, but the downside is, that we are now so tied up in the day to day that we have lost our ability to focus on marketing and selling homes. We need to find a way to shift gears back into sales and marketing and make some sales…..and soon!!!”

Needless to say the first 3/4 of 2009 has been pretty hard on most builders and remodelers.

As I talk to builders and remodelers across the country a consistent phrase keeps popping up. It goes something like this…

“Rick, we never had to work for the sales before. They were always there. Where do we start to get our sales going again?”

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How has it been for you?

Does Jack’s story sound much different that yours?

Are you ready to take control of your sales and marketing, once and for all?

“How to Kick Open the Door to More Sales”
What’s your production process like?

Do you have a detailed set of specification forms? How about purchase orders?

Do you have a process to estimate jobs? If I asked you how you handle change orders could you explain it to me in detail?

I’m confident you could answer every one of these questions with a resounding “YES!”

Now let me ask you about your sales process…

What’s the fastest way to build rapport and trust with a prospect?

How do you take control of the sales process without turning off your prospects?

How do you turn a prospect’s objections into your opportunity?

How do you modify your sales presentation in light of the recession?

Do you know the 3 things it takes to set an appointment with a prospect within 9 minutes of meeting them?

How many of these answers do you know?

The process for Building or remodeling a home is no different than selling one…

Someone Needs to Teach You a Proven System!

When you first started in the housing business you had a mentor that taught you PROVEN production systems. Over the years, after trail and error, you have probably improved those systems.

Who has taught you a proven sales system (especially one that works in this economy)?

Once a year I do just that. My next Sales Symposium, “The Ultimate System for Transforming Cold Prospects into Hot Leads,” is happening Tuesday September 1st in Roseville, MN.

This is a one day “hold your hand” sales strategy packed session that will show you the fastest way to get prospects to only want to buy from you.

I take all the strategies, techniques and ideas that my TOP clients are using to continually rack up sales and bring them right to you.

You’ll get a workbook, DVD recording of the program for your reference AND if you have a Minnesota real estate license it’s approved for 6 continuing education credits.

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Happy Selling!

P.S When you make a mistake in production you can normally pin point exactly how much it cost you. Have you ever taken the time to figure out how much lost sales are costing you? Believe me, the numbers are staggering.

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