5-Can't-Live-Without-Sales-Tech-Tools-for-Home-Builders-and-Remodelers-PART-2-square_300pxMost information on the web focuses primarily on getting customers to yours business’s pavement. Although this is important, it is the actual sale of real estate that pays the bills, and it is those happy customers that refer your future sales.

Although these seem like daunting tasks, I have found the perfect tech tools to help home builders with every aspect from sale to referral. Customer Management is easier with the tech tool l’ll give you that tracks engagement with your prospect during the whole prospect-to-buyer sales process.

It automatically tracks and manages salesperson follow-up activities, coordinates client communication during selections, and helps you to stay at the forefront of your clients’ minds long after the project is complete.


Happy Selling!

~Rick P.S.

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P.P.S. Click here to download the slides from my first tech tool webinar. They’ll help you get ready for the wealth of information in the next one.