Gold, Silver or Bronze: 4 Steps to Creating an Olympic Caliber Sales Process

On Thursday August 23rd Rick Storlie of New Home Sales Coach will be sharing 4 cutting-edge steps for increasing new home and remodeling sales.

With the closing of the 2012 London Olympic Games, a story surfaced that caught the attention of the world. Allyson Felix of team USA track and field, had just won the gold medal in the 200 meters.

Of course winning a gold medal is reason enough to celebrate, but this tale goes a little deeper. Felix entered the event having finished second in the at the 2004 Athens and 2008 Beijing games. Not only did she come in second place, she was beaten by the same woman- Jamaica’s Veronica Campbell-Brown.

So when Felix lined up for the finals in London, racing against the same person that had already beat her twice, how did she manage to pull out a victory?

It’s a question that intrigued Rick Storlie of New Home Sales Coach, a new home sales training firm that specializes helping home builders and remodelers reach their sales goals.

“When I first heard about this story I thought about how the market has changed the housing industry over the last 6 years. Just like Felix, builders have taken a beat down,” Storlie said recently.

What was most compelling to Storlie was the way Felix responded after her loss in 2008.

“She (Felix) knew she had to do something different. She changed coaches. Changed training techniques. Changed her running style. She understood the definition of insanity,” Storlie commented.

According to Storlie, home builders and remodelers can respond to the demands of the new housing market too. He contends there are 4 steps every builder can take to create a gold medal winning home builder sales process.

Storlie calls his steps the 4 “P’s.”

Step #1- Preparation

  • There are 4 specific items gold winning salespeople spend time on each week to keep themselves in tip top shape- market research, sales environment, personal development and communication.

Step #2- Prospecting

  • Every builder needs to be follow a specific formula to make the most of their prospecting efforts. This includes a mix of phone, email, social media and face-to-face networking.

Step #3- Partners

  • Storlie’s research shows that a client referral lead is the highest converting source of new business. The second highest is a business or personal sphere of influence referral lead. Yet very few builders have a systematized program for enticing more of these types of leads.

Step #4- Presenting

  • Just like Olympic athletes, top builders have a very efficient sales process. Knowing and understanding the keys to building value can dramatically shorten the sales cycle.

On Thursday August 23rd Storlie will be elaborating on these 4 steps and sharing real life stories of how builders across the country are using them to build gold medal caliber sales processes.

What: Gold, Silver or Bronze: 4 Steps to Creating an Olympic Caliber Sales Process (webinar)

When: Thursday August 23rd at 11 PST, 12 MST, 1 CST, 2 EST


Cost: $0 but limited to 100 attendees

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