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Here’s Rob Fritz of Custom One Homes talking about how he has sold…

  • 2 models
  • 5 to-be-builts
  • Over 4.5 million in volume
  • And he has another 4 plan deposits

…in 7 months-  during a recession.

Rob has some great insight into his sales process and what he is doing different in 2009 than he did in years before.

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Here’s a little Q&A with Rob that we didn’t put on the video…

Question: Rob, what would you say to any home builder or remodeler (or their sales people) that feel like every prospect they talk to is only interested in price, or doesn’t want to do anything, wait for the market to get better, etc.

Rob: “If your company’s niche is to be the low price leader you have to expect people will focus on price. My builder’s position is not a low price leader. I focus on creating a perceived value that is DIFFERENT than the other guy- both as a salesperson and in the model home presentation (home design & the model shopping experience).

If I get asked about price right away in the relationship I shelve that and ask them, ‘first let’s talk about your goals and see if we have what you’re interested in.’ Then I go back into my needs analysis and find out what their hot buttons are. Only when they become emotionally involved do I talk about price.

If people are telling me they want to wait or not do anything I try to find out why they are at the model in the first place? I ask them what they will gain by waiting or what will be different a year from now. If people are out looking there is something that is not right with their current home lifestyle. I try to figure what that is and then help them see the advantages of moving up in today’s market.

I also like to share stories of other people in similar circumstances and how I’ve been able to help them. This usually encourages them when they realize they aren’t the ONLY people wanting to make a housing change.”

Question: You started your new home sales career “self-trained” or really without training. What impact has a proven new home sales process had on you over the last 3 years?

Rob: “It’s given me the confidence to be the guide and leader with my customers and take them down the right path. They (customers) take me off course a lot. With my training I can get them back on course and move the sale forward.

I’ve gotten a lot of discipline from my training. It’s not always fun to study and train but I do what I have to when I have to do it. For instance, closing is not at the end, it’s all along the way. My training allows me to do all the pre-close initiatives I need to in order to improve my odds of closing the sale at the end.”

Question: What would you tell anyone in new home or remodeling sales that has never had any formal training and is intimidated about changing their selling style?

Rob:  “If you’re intimidated to invest in yourself, learn a new sales process and change your selling style you’ll really be intimidated when you have to change into a new industry. I can’t sell the way I used to either. Buyers are constantly gaining knowledge and the market is always changing. I have to change faster than they do and the only way to do that is to constantly grow and improve through training.”

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P.S. If you’re thinking Rob’s working in a really good market or has a distinct price advantage over his competitors- think again. He deals with foreclosures, short sales and desperate builders slashing prices JUST LIKE YOU.

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