As a Home Builder and Remodeler- How do You Move Your Business Forward in 2010? Maybe it’s Time for a New Hammer

No I’m not talking about MC Hammer (but how about those pants)!

It’s getting to be the time of year to look back on 2009 and put together a strategy for 2010.

I hear the same old arguments from people who have ‘been through this before.’ I’m not so sure what worked in the past is the answer to our future.

Here’s an alternative “hammer” you may want to consider to finally beat this housing market….


My wife tells me I’m the “ultimate planner”. I tell her she’s the “ultimate live in the moment person.” I guess that’s why we’re good for one another.

A couple of days ago “the ultimate planner” was lying in bed contemplating the future of housing? Specifically asking…

  • How will this recession effect people’s behavior as it relates to housing? As it relates to purchasing behavior in general?
  • Where are the opportunities today and 3 years from now?
  • How will government continue to effect housing in the future?
  • If I were a home builder or remodeler what strategy would I employ moving forward?

These are not easy questions- nor are they answered in a day. But I have this gut feeling that our industry is still going in the wrong direction.

Specifically- were still trying to use the same old “hammer” to shape the future.

Hammer Time


This morning I received a blog from Seth Godin titled, “Hammer Time” (thanks for letting me borrow the title Seth!).

You can see Seth’s Blog post here

Here’s an excerpt from the post…

“When the market changes, you may be seeing all the new opportunities and problems the wrong way because of the solutions you’re used to. The reason so many organizations have trouble using social media is that they are using precisely the wrong hammer. And odds are, they will continue to do so until their organization fails. PR firms try to use the new tools to send press releases, because, you guessed it, that’s their hammer.”

To summarize the blog- we (companies) are still trying to use our “hammers” (solutions) that we’ve always used.

Build a Better Mousetrap

So what is the contractor’s solution? Build a better home of course. That’s what we do.

We focus on better…

  • Home Design
  • Products/features
  • Built Homes (Green)
  • Sticks and Bricks!

Now I’m not saying these things aren’t important- they’re incredibly important. I just don’t believe they are at the top of your prospect’s mind.

What IS at the top of your prospects mind, without a doubt, is their own reality– their own problems. Until they feel you understand these problems better than anyone else and can provide a one-of-a-kind solution, they won’t buy from you.

Could it be that your product (hammer) of the future will NOT be the homes you build and remodel….

Rather, you’re product will be your actual customer

What if you spent as much time trying to understand what was going on in the head of your next customer as you did designing & building your next home?

How would you change your approach if you know the intimate details in the mind of your prospect?

My grandparents lived through the depression and I grew up watching how they, along with my father and uncles, were fundamentally changed for the REST OF THEIR LIVES because of it.

How will the current recession affect the housing decisions of the current and future generations? How has it affected you?

Maybe I’m completely wrong but I’d love to get your take on this topic.

Do you think our hammer for the future is the homes we build and remodel or is it something else?

Please post your opinion below (and don’t sugar coat it!)


Happy Selling!