3 Simple Streamlined Video Tactics for Builders

There I was- watching my beaming 6 year old daughter lining up for her kindergarten graduation. My wife Nancy had gotten to the school early and reserved front row seats. The ceremony started and I pulled out my video cam and started to record.

Not more than a couple of seconds into it, I saw this red icon of an empty battery with the words “critical battery,” on the screen. The next thing I knew, my camera was dead!

Without a moment to spare I whipped out my smart phone and started to record.

As I was recording some questions went through my head…

  • How will I edit these clips?
  • How can I string them together to make one video?
  • How can I share them with my friends & family

At this point, I didn’t have an option. I had to go with what I had.

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Are you Missing Out?

For the last couple of years I’ve experimented with video and worked with some of my clients creating professional videos for their websites. Yet, for all my encouragement, very few of my clients ever shot their own videos.

How about you?

Have you thought of or maybe tried to shoot videos for your marketing, advertising or sales process?

From what my clients have told me, there seems to be 4 main stumbling blocks to using video…

  1. “I don’t have the right equipment.”
  2. “My video won’t be good enough to use.”
  3. “How do I edit my video?”
  4. “How do I use it in my marketing, advertising and sales?”

3 Tactics I Learned

When I was forced to use my phone I discovered 3 simple tactics you can use too.

  1. Your Phone is ALL you Need– I spent a little time playing around my phone’s video camera and came to realize it had a zoom on it (among other adjustments) so I could get some close up shots. My phone could easily become my main video recorder!
  2. I Didn’t Need my Computer– I ended up shooting about 6 short videos. After I shot them I was able to “share” them with my YouTube Channel right from my phone- never having to upload them to a computer.
  3. No Software Necessary– Not only did YouTube’s Video Editor allow me to “stitch” my short videos together into 1 main video, I could trim the length, set what type of transitions I wanted between the clips and even remove some of the shakiness of a hand held video.

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What do Your Prospects Want to See?

If you track analytics on your website you already know…photos, plans and projects (pricing ranks up there too!). What better way to show your prospects what you do than video?

If I can use my phone to create a 4 minute video of my daughter’s kindergarten graduation why couldn’t you chronicle some of your remodeling projects or new builds?

Your prospects would love to look at your video content. They’d get to know you, see how you do things, learn about your superior quality, hear from your clients…the list goes on and on!

So, with this in mind, I’ve decided to bring in a video expert to teach me and my clients the tricks of the trade. I met a guy named Shay Schwartzman who is a professional video producer. He’s developed a simple “do it yourself” system designed for remodelers and builders.

He’ll be sharing it with up to 100 people on Thursday June 23rd. You can get more information and register to attend here.


Happy Selling!