Consumers trying to figure out who REALLY is a remodeler isn’t easy today.

As best I can tell there are three types (I’m not going to acknowledge the unlicensed scammers)…

  1. The single family home builder who saw their market contract by about 80% and was forced into remodeling to keep the lights on.
  2. The project manager who was laid off and started a remodeling business while looking for another job to get by in the interim.
  3. The remodeling company whose main focus is just that- remodeling. They’re focused on building a high volume, high profit renovation company.

Now, as best I can tell, most home builders really don’t like to remodel. They’ll do it until home building comes back in their local market and then won’t go after the business.

Most out-of-work project managers either found new jobs and/or left the industry completely. Their companies weren’t designed for long term success- just a plug for short term income needs.

That leaves the “real” remodelers.

If you believe you fall into this category, here’s 7 ideas I’ve seen remodelers using to attract more buyers and maximize margins.

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Happy Selling!


P.S. According to a 2009 NAHB builder member survey, 45% of single family home builders also provide remodeling services. If you build single family homes AND have a separate remodeling division, you’ll want to watch this video.

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