5-Can't-Live-Without-Sales-Tech-Tools-for-Home-Builders-and-Remodelers-PART-2-square_300pxHi guys!

Here’s a sneak peak at one of the topics I’ll spend some time on at my upcoming webinar on Wednesday October 23rd. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. Simply stated, CRM software helps you manage your building company’s interactions with current and future customers. They organize and synchronize all your sales efforts.

There’s a ton of different systems on the market. If you don’t use a CRM system now I can guarantee you two things…

  1. Your losing sales to your competitors
  2. Anything is better than what you currently have (which is nothing)!

However, if you’re serious about finally taking control of your sales efforts, here’s 3 tips to look for in a CRM system:

  • Web Based– Don’t invest in any system that isn’t web based. Multiple people or vendors need to access your system and they need to do it in real time. You should be able to access your system from any device with an internet connection.
  • Industry and Sales Process Specific– Don’t make the same mistake I did and use a generic system. Pick a system designed for builders and more importantly, one that is aligned with your sales process.
  • Web Marketing Automation– The best systems today allow you to monitor and measure your businesses’ marketing over multiple channels- including your website lead generation, automated nurturing campaign(s), direct and mass email, events, lead/prospect online engagement along with the standard sales follow up functionality. You should also be able to manage your referral process, all automatically.

I’ll review all those tips in more detail on the 23rd. This is only a small piece of the helpful tech tool information this webinar series is covering.


Enjoy the rest of your week!


P.S. Don’t forget, the first 50 people that register for the webinar receive a chance to win a two month membership to Game Day Coaching and a 1 hour coaching session with me. A $500 value!