Thursday March 21st: How to Create Web Traffic and Convert it to LeadsWebsite marketing Plan Overviewv2013

Hi Guys!

In January we presented two programs at the International Builders Show (IBS), 5 Custom Builder Sales Strategies Revealed and Unleashing the Sales Power of Your Website. I’m picking up where I left off last month with part 2 of our 3 part webinar series following up with more content than we had time for at IBS. Last month we went into great detail on the process of converting online leads into onsite prospects.

This month were going completely virtual- laying out the Awareness, Consideration, Commitment (ACC) method for generating web traffic and converting it to leads. Here’s how it works:

Awareness: Begins with Search Engine Marketing (SEM), your signs, direct mail, word of mouth or any other medium you’re using to drive traffic to your virtual marketplace. As we explained last month your virtual marketplace is composed of your website, blog and social media. Think of it as your virtual model home or showroom.

We’ll cover the best practices and most cost effective strategies to drive traffic to your virtual marketplace. I’ll also review what to watch out for and avoid.

Consideration: Consideration = Content. The two are directly related. The right content gets you in the running. The wrong content gets you crossed off the list. We’ll show you the content your web visitors are looking for on your website, blog and social media.

Commitment: The final stage in the process is when your web visitor becomes a lead by giving you an opportunity to be her builder of choice. I’ll reveal the best lead generation tactics and show you how to automate the process of continuing the relationship once commitment has been established.

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