The Value Gap

“Where are you?”

“Who are you?”

“What do you do?”

“How do you do it?”

“Why should I trust you?”

“Why should I choose you?”

These are the questions your remodeling leads or new home prospects are trying to answer. Builders that provide answers to these questions sell more at higher margins.

The question is- are you providing the right answers?

I recently asked a group of remodelers at a NARI function what their definition of “closing the sale” was. I heard…

  • “Getting a check”
  • “A signed contract”
  • And even, “Someone who calls me back!”

Then I explained Closing the Sale from their prospect’s perspective. It looks like this.

Value = Price Perception/Quality Perception

In other words, when your prospect’s quality perception is equal to or greater than the price your asking, they buy! When their price perception is greater than their quality perception they DON’T buy.

The difference between your prospect’s price and quality perception is the Value Gap.

The key word here is perception. And the question you should be asking now is, “How do I increase the quality perception of my homes and/or company?” Why? Because a consistently high quality perception always leads to more sales at better margins.

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