Coach Rick here.

I attended my first NAHB International Builders Show back in 1999. It was there I was introduced to Tom Richie, Myers Barnes, Bob Schultz and other industry sales trainers. I’d book myself from morning to afternoon in different classes and take notes furiously. On the plane ride home I’d attempt to “connect the dots” of the bits and pieces of information from each program.

I didn’t have my “light bulb” moment until I started to buy the books and attend the training programs of these speakers. Back then, before the advent of the internet’s role in the new home and remodeling buying process, you could spend a few days learning strategies to close more sales and start using them in your model the following Saturday.

Fast forward 15 years…

Today, builders have to be a lot more savvy about selling. Everything is transparent and as one of my mentors put it, “you can’t hide behind your logo!” I’ve spent many years perfecting my process of closing a new home/remodeling buyer. I’ve taken everything I’ve learned from the old guard sales trainers, tested and improved the strategies myself AND combined cutting-edge Web Marketing Automation to quadruple the potential of a new home and remodeling salesperson.

“If you have the right training and tools today, connecting and selling prospective new home and remodeling buyers is a three step process.”

I’m not going to go so far and say this is my best video yet, but- I’d rank it top 5. In a few minutes I clearly show you:

  1. How to perfectly time the most opportune moment to close
  2. Three simply steps to DRAMATICALLY improving your process of closing a deal

Ask a Favor?

So, here it is. If you like it, think you have a better idea or believe I’m out in left field I’d love to hear about it! Tell me what you think of the video and what other topics you’d like me to cover in the comments section below!


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