Coach Rick here.

Ok I’m going to date myself a bit. When I started selling new homes my four tech tools were…

  1. A phone/fax/answer machine
  2. A 386SX desktop computer (88% faster than the previous model)
  3. 8- 3.5″ disks for an off the shelf ACT! customer relationship management software
  4. A bag phone in my car (remember those!)

My oh my how things have changed! Today we have all sorts of gadgets, apps and software available to us to make our jobs of selling new homes and remodeling projects easier. It can make your head spin! So, in today’s video I’ve filtered out all the hype and show you three critical items when it comes to using tech tools to close deals.

In this video you’ll find:

  • The #1 tech tool (bar none) for converting leads into buyers
  • How to tie online and offline follow-up together
  • The process for converting 50% of your A prospects into buyers

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