Coach Rick here.

Happy August! As we enter the dog days of summer I’m going to share a few videos on how to convert more of your prospects into buyers. Tell me if you’ve heard this one…

“You can’t lose something you never had!”

That’s a quote I learned when I first started selling back in 1992. Think it still holds true? Play the video below to find out the answer along with…

  1. How your prospect’s define value and what you need to do if they don’t see it
  2. Where to find high quality prospects
  3. The #1 way to convert prospects into buyers

I have to admit I’m a sales guy through and through. And one of the most enjoyable aspects of working with builders like you is tying the technology side of today’s sales process into solid design/build sales technique. Enjoy the video!

Ask a Favor?

Tell me what you think of the video and what other topics you’d like me to cover in the comments section below!


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