Save the Date: How and When to Present Pricing so More of Your New Home and Remodeling Prospects Buy from You (Nov. 29th)

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Hi Everyone!

I wanted to get this note out to everyone before Turkey Day (if you’re from Canada that’s Thanksgiving in the states ; ).

We’ve got a really interesting webinar coming up on the relationship between your lead source and the timing at which you present pricing. Many of you may be shooting yourself in the foot by presenting pricing at the wrong time- costing you precious sales.

Here’s a run down of the 3 things we’ll cover:

  1. It turns out there is a direct correlation to when pricing should be presented based on the lead source. That is, the best time to present your price changes based on where the lead came from. We also noticed the speed at which prospects converted changed depending on when pricing was presented.
  2. To charge or not to charge. We tested both and found it’s better to charge a fee before pricing. What was interesting, however, was how to structure that fee to get more prospects into a plan deposit and/or homesite reservation.
  3. Itemized pricing or lump sum. Seems like when you give a lump sum everyone wants it to be itemized and when you itemize prospects feel like they’re being “nickled and dimed.” Turns out a hybrid of the two was the winner.

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If I don’t talk to you before have a great Thanksgiving!