When I started selling new homes in 1992 I could count my “technology” tools on 1 hand…

  • A bag phone with two different providers (to avoid those nasty roaming charges. Ever have two different cell numbers listed on your business card?)
  • A fax with built-in answering machine
  • 8 floppy disks for my off the shelf version of ACT!

Today? Where do you start and stop!

Not knowing which are the best tools to use for design/build home builders and remodelers precludes a lot of you from incorporating the ones that really help streamline, not encumber, you’re every day life.

Over the last few years I’ve been compiling and testing what is and isn’t working. I’ve come up with 3 Tips:

Tip #1- Use Email to Engage

Most builders have never had any formal email training and make a LOT of mistakes with it. I’ve compiled a list of the 10 DO’s and DON’TS with email. Proper email engagement leads to a phone conversation.

Tip #2- Determine viability over the Phone

With the majority of new home and remodeling buyers using the internet to find you, it’s more and more common for the first contact to be via phone or email. Unfortunate, the vast majority of salespeople don’t spend enough time qualifying (asking the right questions) which lead to wasted time chasing dead end prospects. I’ve come up with a 2 page sheet that takes 10 minutes to go through with a buyer. This allows you to get information on the 7 critical areas you must know about before meeting with a prospect.

Tip #3- Give them just enough to get ’em onsite

There’s a term out there called Online Concierge. Online Concierge’s are specially trained salespeople with 1 goal- convert an online lead to an onsite meeting. Many larger builders employ people like this. For the rest of us, we need to copy what they know for our own companies.

Good News

I’ll be delivering all this and a whole lot more in my next webinar Tablets, Texting and Telephones: 3 Simple Technology Strategies for Streamlining the Design Build Sales Process on May 24th.

Here’s what will cover:

  • How to properly format an email to get a response 82% of the time
  • The one technique that will double your conversion rate
  • The 3 built-in hot buttons every new home and remodeling prospect has (and how to use them to your advantage)
  • 8 tools to get an online lead to your model or office
  • Free online software you can use to connect with more prospects over the phone
  • How to properly integrate text messaging into your follow-up process
  • The can’t lose formula to use with every email and phone call that will get your buyers moving forward with you

All these ideas are geared towards design/build home builders and remodelers. I’ll share real life case studies of what is working today. You’ll walk away with dozens of ideas you can implement immediately.

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See you Thursday May 24th!


Happy Selling,