On Wednesday January 25th Rick Storlie of New Home Sales Coach will be sharing a revolutionary new idea in lead generation for home builders and design build remodeling companies.

It’s been a known fact for years in the new home and remodeling industry. People interested in finding a new home or remodeling ideas start by sitting down at their computer and searching online.

This search process can go on for a few months up to a few years. Every day there are hundreds of thousands of people getting ideas and gathering information. Yet, these same people aren’t picking up the phone or driving to a model home. According to Rick Storlie, they’ve been invisible, up until now.

“The invisible market started when home builders and remodelers launched their first website. It’s been this black hole of potential business. We know people are there, we’re just not sure what they’re looking for and how to capture them,” Storlie recently commented.

Storlie’s idea for this Invisible Market came from the book, “Winning in the Invisible Market,” by Robert A Potter. In the book Potter contends most service providers, like home builders and remodelers, operate on only 10% of any local market. Potter calls this the Visible Market- “people actively and opening seeking a service provider.”

“The problem with operating in the Visible Market is threefold. First, the buyer doesn’t know you. Second, you haven’t established value for your company. Third, and most importantly, there is no trust between buyer and seller,” said Storlie. “What commonly happens is a multiple bid situation where the buyer places a low price as the primary decision criteria.”

This leaves builders with slim profit margins and an unstable supply of new leads. Storlie contends most home builders and remodelers know they’re missing out, there just not sure what to do about it.

“If I look at most builder’s websites they’re all designed and built around the builder’s perspective. The problem with this is new home and remodeling buyers have much different goals. They need to get specific questions answered before they’ll consider calling or visiting a model home,” said Storlie.

Since new home and remodeling buyers shop online by process of elimination, the vast majority of home builders and remodelers are crossed off the list and never have an opportunity to tap into the Invisible Market.

“Technology is driving this revolution. Other industries are light years ahead of the housing industry and the way I look at it, the Invisible Market is a wide open opportunity for builders,” commented Storlie.

On Wednesday January 25th Storlie will be discussing the Invisible Market in detail. He’ll reveal common lead generation myths along with the specific steps builders can take to tap into the Invisible Market and profit from it.

What: Opening Your Eyes to the Invisible Market: How to Increase New Home & Remodeling Lead Opportunities by 90% (webinar)

When: Wednesday January 25th 2012 11 PST, 12 MST, 1 CST, 2 PST

Register: https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/582417986

Cost: $0 but limited to 100 attendees

Storlie has created a sales and marketing Scorecard that will tell any home builder or remodeler how well they’re tapping into the Invisible Market. The Scorecard takes 2 minutes, builders will get an immediate score and see how they compare to their builder peers. Home builders can get their Scorecard by clicking here. Remodelers can get their Scorecard by clicking here.