Coach Rick here.Please join Rick Storlie of New Home Sales Coach at the 2015 International Builders Show for new home sales training

You ever ask yourself why you do what you do?

When you’re asked, ‘what do you do for work?’ you probably have some sort of standard script. But does anyone ask, ‘why did you choose this profession?’

I help home builders and remodelers automate their sales process. But that’s not why I do what I do. The most rewarding part of my day is when my client’s share stories of using the strategies we discuss (many times reluctantly- change is hard!) and have some success to celebrate.  

At a recent planning session for the IBS case study webinar we’re presenting this Thursday January 15th, I overheard a LOT of these stories.  My case study is about a successful builder/developer relationship for planning, promoting and executing two showcase home events in 2014. My client, Yvonne & Ted Cummins of Morning Star Builders in Houston, absolutely killed it last year working with a local developer. I’m astounded at how well they did with these events!

You see, this isn’t Ted and Yvonne’s first time around the block. They did a showcase home event in 2011 that, let’s say, had a ton of potential but never really delivered. Three years later, after a lot of coaching, new systems and technology- well, as you’ll see and hear on the webinar– the showcase home events delivered tremendous results and are still delivering in 2015.

Here’s some of the success stories you’ll hear…

  • How to work with charities (and get free PR!)
  • How to approach and structure a win/win relationship with a land developer (this is Morningstar’s first time working with a developer)
  • The secrets to generating a buzz about your event months before you’ll actually have it (you’ll be amazed at how many people “opted-in” before the event)
  • What social media platforms really performed and which ones aren’t worth your time
  • How to automatically filter tire kickers from real leads– in your sleep!
  • Tricks and tactics to staffing and closing during the event (wait to you hear how Morning Star used their vendors!)
  • The results! How many leads, prospects, design agreements and sales Morning Star generated (and what they project they’ll sell in 2015 do to the leads generated at the 2014 events)

…plus much more. Best news? You’ll get to ask your direct questions to Yvonne and Jennifer (the land developer).

If you’re not able to make it to the International Builder Show in Las Vegas next week, this is your one and only chance to catch our presentation outside of the show itself. Miss it Thursday and you miss your chance to hear first hand what you should be doing to implement these strategies yourself in 2015 (but you’re not going to let that happen- are you ;-)?

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See you online!


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