This Tuesday February 9th from 12:00 – 12:45 CST (1:00 – 1:45 EST) I’ll be talking with Marie O’brien of Blue Tangerine Solutions as part of their “Ask the Experts” series about how to stimulate your sales in 2010.

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The program we’ll be discussing is called 6 Secrets to Maximizing Your Sales in Any Market Revealed. It’s an UNCONVENTIONAL approach at marketing and selling new homes and design/build remodeling.

First of all- We’re NOT selling ANYTHING at this program. AND everyone that attends will be able to download a summary of the program- at NO cost. Plus you’ll have an opportunity to ask questions and offer your opinion.

We WILL uncover the most common mistakes builders and their salespeople are making today…and how you can avoid them.

We’ll talk about…

  • What you’re doing wrong with your marketing approach and how to correct it
  • Why relying on a sales process that worked during the last recessions WON’T WORK.
  • The 3 phases of marketing and selling that matter- TODAY
  • Why 99% of home builders are looked at as all the same. What you can do to stand out to today’s consumer

“Thanks Rick. With your new ideas we’ve adjusted our attitude and will create some new opportunities.”
-Mark Williams, Mark D. Williams Custom Homes

We’ll be discussing REAL WORLD strategies, from the trenches, that are working in markets that are down 85%+ from their peak.

And I’ll even take a stab at predicting how builders and remodelers will need to evolve their sales strategies as the decade progresses!

Warning: This will not be more of the “been there heard that” from sales trainers and marketers that think the answers to today’s market is what worked in the past.

If you don’t want to be challenged with NEW IDEAS and a fresh perspective on the housing market- avoid this webinar at all costs!

If you are ready for something different…Get yourself signed up and hold on to your seat! Remember- there’s no cost but it’s this Tuesday only.

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Happy Selling!

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