How to Capture Online Leads and Convert them to Onsite Prospects: Access Webinar Recording and Slides!

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We had a great webinar last Thursday the 21st where I documented, step-by-step, setting up your own local virtual market place- similar to what has done on a much grander scale.

The idea is to capture, engage, build value and trust before home and remodeling buyers talk to your competitors, or even hit the street. has been doing this to Best Buy over the last few years- eating away at Best Buy’s market share and exposing the cracks in a business model that very well be obsolete.

Here’s what else we revealed:

  • 6 pieces to every virtual market place- what’s new and what’s changed
  • Web Marketing Automation (WMA)- how it’s making CRM systems obsolete and automating the process of creating and identifying sales ready prospects
  • The Lead-to-Prospect conversion process (Online Sale Counselor)
    • The 3 hot buttons of every online lead- how to use the information to engage
    • 5 step formula for generating emails that get responded to
    • 7 critical things you need to know when talking to leads on the phone

I recorded the webinar and have a copy of the slides. Simply leave me a note below and I’ll send the link to you.