Beating Buyers at Their Own Game: The Webinar Recording Link for Home Builders and Remodelers

1st- Here’s the recording for last Thursday’s Beating Buyers at Their Own Game webinar with Hallmark and NIH Homes.

You can watch/listen to the recording here > >

I’d like to thank Chris Knudsen and Jeremy Skogquist for sharing their stories and the strategies they’re using to outsell their competition at higher margins.

2nd- This is just for you…

Chris and Jeremy asnwered three questions as part of their case study and revamped marketing efforts.

  1. Who is my IDEAL prospect/buyer?
  2. Why would a prospect buy from my company?
  3. Why would a prospect feel my company is relevant & different in today’s market?”

In order to answer these questions they had to join an elite club. It’s called the 10% club.

I’ve found only about 10% of builders out there have the humility to seek assistance and drive to implement new strategies consistently. They don’t make excuses, they just “do.”

I know “remodeling” your business is not for everyone. But if you’re considering joining the 10% club, here’s a chance to “kick the tires” and make up your mind.

I’ve broken their case study down to show other home builders and remodelers the step-by-step tools Hallmark and NIH have used to increase sales and margins.

I’m happy to be able to share these successful strategies with anyone who is serious about marketing and sales.

Just click on this link. You’ll get a first hand look at how they did it along with specific examples. No cost. Just see if you like it.

Don’t forget to watch for part two and three of our case study webinar series where Chris and Jeremy we’ll be discussing what they’re doing to generate a steady stream of leads and the sales process they’re using to convert them into sales.

Happy Selling!
P.S. You can watch a quick video too about how to form the new habit of consistently making improvements to your business.