I hope you enjoyed your Memorial weekend and were able to spend some time with friends
and family!

At our webinar last Thursday, Tablets, Texting and Telephones: 3 Simple Technology
Strategies for Streamlining the Design Build Sales Process
, we had a number of people
asking for more information on our Ubix Automated Web system.

Rune and I have decided to put on a 30 minute group information session the week of
June 4th where we’ll review the following items:

  1. How Ubix captures leads from YOUR website
  2. The automated communication/nurturing process
  3. How Ubix identifies and notifies you about the sales ready prospects in your database
  4. Our training resources that will help you convert leads to buyers
  5. How to measure the ROI for your advertising, marketing and sales activities

We’re doing this in a virtual meeting format and will only meet with a limited number of people.

If you’d like to receive an invitation just leave me a note below or email me at Solutions@NHSalesCoach.com. I’ll send you a
meeting invitation and you can confirm the date and time.

Look forward to chatting,