Dominating Your Local Home Builder and Remodeler Competitors

A few years ago I was discussing a wildly successful new neighborhood with a land developer. After we talked about how well the project was selling I kept wondering why he didn’t develop this piece of property himself (it was literally in his backyard).

He looked me directly in the eye and said, “Rick, we fell asleep at the switch!”

I give him credit for his honesty. After all, the project probably netted the other developer several million dollars and I’m sure he had already endured many sleepless nights over his mistake.

Don’t Make a Mistake that Might Cost You Millions of Dollars!

It’s easy to look at a lot sale, new home or remodeling project where you didn’t get the job and understand your income loss. What’s much more difficult to understand (and quantify) is opportunity cost.

Can you think of a time where a competitor took out an ad, got a great billboard location or perhaps entered a home show and got a tremendous amount of business from it? Because you “fell asleep at the switch” it cost you thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost opportunities.

Now imagine this…

What if your competitors took away the very thing your prospects use to find you- the ability to easily find your website? That could, and would, cost you millions in lost opportunities.

What if you could do the same thing to them?

Look, I’m not going to tell you why you need to be paying attention to what’s happening online. Either you get it or you’re never going to get it. What I will tell you is that there is a huge LIMITED opportunity for home builders and remodelers to literally double and triple internet traffic in 60 – 90 days… RIGHT NOW. It’s called local search.

Watch the video below to take the 5 second local search test. What were your results?

Note: Jens will be showing you exactly how this works on May 5th, NOT April 28th per the video!

[pro-player width=’585′ height=’375′ type=’video’][/pro-player]

Click on the “Full Screen” button to see the video better

Unlike other search engine optimization strategies that take months or even years PLUS cost thousands of dollars, getting results on local search is straight forward, can be done in 30 – 90 days and inexpensive (in fact it’s one of the few things with search engine optimization you could do yourself).

Because it’s straight forward and inexpensive your competitors could be “staking their claim” on your buyers right now. There’s only 7 local search spots on the first page of Google and if you don’t grab one of them you’re losing a HUGE opportunity for future business.

The Best Part…

Not only is Jens Rhoades a guru’s guru when it comes to search engine optimization- I’ve convinced him to offer a few webinar attendees a 60 day case study. Jens we’ll implement every local search tactic in his arsenal to your website for a fraction of what he normally charges. The catch? You have to agree to let him come back in 60 days and show everyone your results (and Jens NEVER misses).

What: How to Dominate Your Local Builder Competitors with Google Places Webinar

When: Note: New Date! Thursday May 5th 11 PST, 12 MST, 1 CST, 2 PST


Why: Do it before they do it to you!

Cost: $0 but limited to 100 attendees


Happy Selling!