The secrets to growing your home builder sales and business when you’re constantly time crunched…

My Sales Management Essentials course reveals the simple and effective way to manage all your home builder, remodeling, and contractor sales & marketing efforts.

Here’s a small snip-it of what you get…

  • How to find, hire and train great salespeople so you can focus on running your company
  • Compensation plans that work for your salespeople AND you
  • The 20 minute per week management plan that tells you exactly how you’re doing
  • The SIX numbers every builder needs to know for managing sales, leads, and new home marketing, remodeling marketing and renovation marketing.

  • And much more!

What you get with my Sales Management Essentials course…

Where we start…We’ll begin the Closing More Prospects Faster course by looking at your sales process and how you’re categorizing your Prospects (A’s and B’s). Then, we’ll plug any sales leaks by sharing all the tips and secrets our Functional Sales System clients are using to convert more of their Prospects in to Buyers, faster.

Week 1…In week 1 the focus will shift to incorporating specific sales techniques into the different parts of your sales process. The 5 areas we’ll focus on are qualifying, your first meeting, reviewing homesites, presenting pricing and closing for a plan design agreement and/or purchase agreement..

Week 2…Continuing from Week 1, Week 2 is all about using unique sales tools at each part of your sales process. We’ll reveal which sales tools you need to be using AND show you examples other builders use. You’ll be able to download templates of each tool, personalize them for your company and start using them the next day!

Week 3…The final installment of Closing More Prospects Faster will show you how to maximize your return on time for your follow-up efforts. We’ll reveal our follow-up formulas and how we differentiate follow-up between A and B Prospects. Philosophy, your sales environment, the language you use, phone, email, text and social media will all be addressed so you never lose a Prospect with antiquated follow-up techniques.

Additional Information On Growing Your Home Builder, Remodeling, and Contractor Sales

We all know that running your own home building, contractor or remodeling business keeps you very busy. This typically leaves you with little time to work on building and growing your sales. So you want the time that you do have to be focused and efficient. Our course above will teach you about growing your sales, and training your sales team while maximizing the time you have.

Below you can find more information that I have written on building sales for your Home Builder to Remodeling business. Let us knew if you have any questions or if you are ready to get started managing your time the proper way to maximize growth.

Learn how to grow home builder sales, contractor sales, and / or remodeling sales with our Sales Management Essentials course or by reading the tips below.

What Can a Home Builder or Remodeler Do, Right Now, to Increase Sales 10 – 30%?

When a home builder or remodeler asks Rick Storlie of New Home Sales Coach how to sell their services today, they get a dramatically different answer than just 12 months ago. Over the last 5 years Storlie has meticulously coordinated a sales process for home builders and design build remodelers. The sales process is designed for what Storlie calls, “outlet mall” home buyers.

“An outlet mall home buyer is a person who has been conditioned to believe they can purchase a top quality item for a bottom of the barrel price,” Storlie recently commented. “If builders aren’t engaging their prospects early in their online research, they (builders) don’t have an opportunity to build value and subsequently get ‘outlet mall’ prices.”

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Ready to Exceed Your Sales Goals?

Did you know that one of the most common ways builders waste their time – and valuable resources – is when their sales people perform the wrong tasks?

(I’m going to explain what those “wrong tasks” are, and how you can use your resources more effectively.)

Another example: Pricing! You can lose a hot prospect in an instant when your sales person brings up pricing at the wrong time in the sales process.

(Not only will I reveal when and how to discuss pricing; I’ll share my entire sales formula including the exact questions to ask your prospects to get the information you need to close the sale without price being the only deciding factor.)

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3 Tips for Builders to Make More Sales

  1. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. Simply stated, CRM software helps you manage your building company’s interactions with current and future customers. They organize and synchronize all your sales efforts.

There’s a ton of different systems on the market. If you don’t use a CRM system now I can guarantee you two things…

  1. Your losing sales to your competitors
  2. Anything is better than what you currently have (which is nothing)!

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How to Stop Design/Build “Scope Creep” from Killing Your Sales

If you follow a design/build sales process you deal with this daily. Each of your prospects has to go through your design process in order to finalize their pricing, specifications and scope of work. At every turn your customers have the opportunity to add to the original scope of the project- jacking up the price inch by inch. You get to the end of the design process, recap all the architectural and selection changes and BAM!, it hits you like a freight train. Suddenly you’re the bad guy and the prospect is belly aching your prices are too high and walks. How did we get here!?

Let’s take a look at each one of the scenarios that happened to my clients and what could have been done to avoid losing the sale…

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5 Sales Mistakes You Want To Avoid

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while now or you’ve attended any of my free webinars you know that I specialize in helping home builders, remodelers and designers maximize their sales.

You also probably know that I love feedback and I pay a great deal of attention to the things people do the right way while studying the things people do the wrong way (and helping them turn it around).

What I’ve learned over the last year is that there are 5 big sales mistakes home builders and remodelers make that can reduce their sales considerably.

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It’s the Sales that Pay the Bills

Most information on the web focuses primarily on getting customers to yours business’s pavement. Although this is important, it is the actual sale of real estate that pays the bills, and it is those happy customers that refer your future contractor sales.

Although these seem like daunting tasks, I have found the perfect tech tools to help home builders with every aspect from sale to referral. Customer Management is easier with the tech tool l’ll give you that tracks engagement with your prospect during the whole prospect-to-buyer sales process.

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