Develop New Online Revenue Sources & Generate Leads

My Generate More & Better Leads shows you how to tap into your website traffic to get more opportunities with better buyer conversions. More homebuilding and remodeling leads means more sales!

Here’s a small snip-it of what you get…

  • How to triple or quadruple leads from your website and convert them into sales ready prospects
  • Use Facebook, Houzz, Pinterest and YouTube as a consistent source of new opportunites
  • What website content will help you convert your prospects into buyers
  • How to tell the difference between a web lead that wants to buy vs. one that wants to waste your time
  • Bonus! How to use offline advertising to generate more website traffic and leads
  • And much more!
Learn how to generate leads for your home building business

What you Get with My Generating More & Better Leads Course

Save Money – When you use the simple tactics and strategies you’ll discover inside; you’ll get a better response with your marketing in less time. You’ll discover how to leverage your online presence so you can generate leads and more buyers will contact you so you can spend less and make more.

Save Time – You’ll have 24/7 online access to members only content. You’ll get no-nonsense tactics and strategies and without the hype, all at your fingertips, when you want them so you can grow your business weekly for new home builder leads.

Stay Current – 12 times a year Rick gets a top new home or remodeling expert live to reveal their web marketing, sales, architectural design or interior merchandising strategies. Then Rick takes the most important tactic presented and explains, step-by-step, exactly how you can use it along with examples and samples you can copy.

Beat Your Competition – The fastest way to beat your outsell your competition is to follow a sales process that works in any market- and any economy. Inside you’ll find hundreds of sales scripts to beat your competition and dominate your market.

Get Your Questions Answered – Just ask your question and get answers in the monthly webinars It’s just like having our own personal sales and marketing coach.

The more memorable that you, the sales person can make an event for the prospects and realtors, the better chance you will have to generate leads during and after the event. Builders and new home sales people have to try different things in today’s housing market in order to drive more traffic to new home communities and generate more quality leads.

More Information on Generating Home Builder & Remodeling Leads

Finding ways to generate new home builder leads and even remodeling job leads can be a daunting task for sure. Our course above is the best action you can take to increase those leads. However if you are still on the fence, here is some great information that we have shared in the past you can read through. This will give you a better feel for our expertise in the home building & remodeling lead generation field.

3 Fundamentals to Getting More Leads- A Home Builder’s & Remodeler’s Guide to Advertising

Fundamental #1 to Getting More Leads: Understand Your Prospect’s Problems Better than Anyone Else

Fundamental #2 to Getting More Leads: Don’t Propose on the First Date…

Fundamental #3 to Getting More Leads:Be Different Not Better!

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How to Transform Your Homebuilder Website into a Lead Generation Machine

What’s Working in Today’s Market…

Are you a member of the Builders Association of Minnesota (BAM)?

Would you like some help in your marketing and sales efforts?

How about finding out how to double or triple your sales?

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How to Get More Leads from Events and Realtor Outreach Programs

I want to warn you in advance (and it’s good news):  Most homebuilders and  remodelers make their event marketing much too difficult.  and I reveal exactly  how you should set-up and manage your events so they don’t take a lot of time or expense, yet result in strong lead generation for home builders.

I also share several proven strategies for building strong connections with Realtors. I’ve had several coaching clients who can credit more than $1 Million of annual sales revenue to their Realtor Outreach program. It’s that powerful.

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Offline and Online Lead Generation for Builders: How to Get More Leads from Projects and Print Advertising

The “old school” methods for generating leads for your home builder or home remodeler business just don’t work as well as they used to.

Beyond giving your lead generation models an update – there’s another concept to consider. It’s the relationship between your lead source, and when, during the sales process, you start discussing pricing.

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5 Home Builder Ideas for Generating More Leads During Model Home Hours

If you’ve worked in this industry long enough you may have heard the saying, “You have to make hay while the sun shines.”

Well may be YOU haven’t heard this before but my father grew up on a farm so I got to hear it a lot! Historically the home builders and remodelers have generated the bulk of their leads with spring home shows, home tours and marketing events.

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3 Examples of How to Use Video to Generate Leads & Create Value for Home Builders and Remodelers

Using Video to Generate Leads 

I have links to about 5 different videos in my resource guide. These videos are a great way to generate leads by hyping the event before it started (driving people to follow the project on Facebook and/or email) and during the event to encourage ticket sales. Below is a video that was produced by the builder/developer partnership to promote ticket sales.

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