Three Steps to Converting Home Builder Leads into Hot Prospects

My Converting Leads into Hot Prospects course shows you how to quickly & easily filter bad home builder leads and close good ones

Here’s a small snip-it of what you get…

  • How to get web leads to respond to your emails so you can close them
  • Never waste your time again- 7 questions to ask every lead before you take time to meet with them!
  • Can’t miss follow-up strategies for leads- when and how to follow-up
  • The one question you MUST ASK every single lead
  • And much more!
Converting Home Builder Leads & Converting Remodeler Leads Course Graphic

What you Get with My Converting Leads into Hot Prospects Course

Find your Target Audience

  • Knowing where your buyers are and how they operate is very important early on in the sales funnel.

Reach your Target Audience

  • Once you’ve isolated who you should market to, it’s time to educate them. Turn a cold audience warm using educational emails, websites, podcasts, webinars and events.

Capture your Leads

  • You’ve found your audience now capture them. Using call-to-action on your website, emails and at events. Once you’ve completed this step, it’s now up to you to be engaging, informative and consistent.

Nurture your Audience

  • Always stay active in your leads online presence using email nurturing campaigns, giveaways online or in person and on your website.

What Can you Expect from Us?

  • Event-related strategy development.
  • Monthly review debriefings and analyzing of individual programs.
  • Reports and account updates.
  • Collaborative work environment with all members of our team.
  • Our ability to help you establish lasting relationships with buyers and maintain a strong book of business whether it’s for converting remodeler leads or new home leads.

We’ll guide you and identify, uncover and contact key leads and prospects to research and determine their details and viability. This includes all of our automation efforts with email and website while leveraging social media.

We will collaborate to develop the opportune strategy for your home builder lead conversion by always trying to advance your project through the sales process. We will offer recommendations for process improvements with an eye towards providing a positive customer experience.

We are proactively and continuously leveraging information captured from all touch-points to identify and prioritize initiatives to improve lead conversion and sales results to convert home builder leads or convert remodeler leads.

We manage respective workflow, setting priorities, and researching appropriate items needed to meet client expectations. We are your proactive mentor and coach that will provide you with task direction and a supportive, collaborative work environment.