How to Make More Sales in Less Time
by Getting Prospects Committed Sooner

What you get with my Closing More Prospects Faster course…

Where we start…We’ll begin the Closing More Prospects Faster course by looking at your sales process and how you’re categorizing your Prospects (A’s and B’s). Then, we’ll plug any sales leaks by sharing all the tips and secrets our Functional Sales System clients are using to convert more of their Prospects in to Buyers, faster.

Week 1…In week 1 the focus will shift to incorporating specific sales techniques into the different parts of your sales process. The 5 areas we’ll focus on are qualifying, your first meeting, reviewing homesites, presenting pricing and closing for a plan design agreement and/or purchase agreement..

Week 2Continuing from Week 1, Week 2 is all about using unique sales tools at each part of your sales process. We’ll reveal which sales tools you need to be using AND show you examples other builders use. You’ll be able to download templates of each tool, personalize them for your company and start using them the next day!

Week 3…The final installment of Closing More Prospects Faster will show you how to maximize your return on time for your follow-up efforts. We’ll reveal our follow-up formulas and how we differentiate follow-up between A and B Prospects. Philosophy, your sales environment, the language you use, phone, email, text and social media will all be addressed so you never lose a Prospect with antiquated follow-up techniques.

Here’s a small snip-it of what you’ll learn…

  • Don’t lose the sale! How to get commitment in the first 30 minutes with a prospect
  • Strategies for converting price sensitive prospects- this 1 page diagram will swing them your way!
  • When and how to present pricing so your prospects work with you vs. blame you for a high price
  • How to get a financial commitment in your first or second meeting so your prospect is locked in
  • And much more!